Saturn retrograde is here to help you uncover your truth

'It's like a teacher that dishes out lessons in the form of tough love,' astrologer Noush says of the transit

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Incoming! Saturn retrograde 2022 has finally arrived, and it's not fooling around. 

We're currently in the midst of the Mercury shadow period and anxiously awaiting the positivity from our June horoscope, so "retrograde" isn't exactly what we wanted to hear right now. 

Despite the negative connotation with the term, astrologer Noush of Girl and Her Moon insists that the planet has a plan for us. 

"Saturn is not an easy energy to work with," she admits. "Having said that, it is a really powerful and strong energy. It's like a teacher that dishes out lessons in the form of tough love. It pushes you into uncomfortable scenarios in order to help you understand leveling up in your own internal monologue and step into greatness."

Ready to learn more? Trust us, if Saturn is good enough for Adele, it's certainly good enough for us! (Crazy about the singer's Saturn earrings? Be sure to shop our list of gifts astrology fans love.) 

Saturn retrograde 2022

  • When: June 4 to October 23, 2022

Like other retrogrades, this is an ideal time to review. In Saturn's case, it's begging you to find your truth, the way of life that speaks to you. Now is the time to truly uncover what makes you tick. 

"It's the final retrograde that Saturn makes in Aquarius before it moves into Pisces in March of 2023," Noush says. "It makes it significant for us to have a final look back at the themes that have played out in our lives since it first entered Aquarius in March of 2020. What kind of things have shown up in your personal life and how have you leveled up?"

Sure, we might be faced with an uncomfortable truth or forced to revisit a difficult period, but Saturn wants us to face those challenges, conquer them and move forward. 

"This is tough love to help you understand the foundation within yourself to speak up for what you want," Noush says. "What are the final things that I need to look back on so that I am living in my truth and authenticity? Saturn wants to see you achieving your best."

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What happens during Saturn retrograde?

Saturn will finally be moving out of Aquarius—where it's been since March 2020, a rather tumultuous time—and it'll make its way into Aquarius. Saturn is the planet of wisdom, discipline, karma, rules, regulations and responsibility, so you can expect to reflect on these areas of your life while it is in retrograde. 

Since the new pop culture happening, Saturn Return—a.k.a. when Saturn returns to the same position as it was on your birthday—it seemingly transitions us into adulthood, and what better time to own our truth than this milestone? 

"Where have you allowed authorities outside of yourself to dictate what works for you without being your own boss and standing up for what is good and right for you," Noush asks.  

Who will be most affected by Saturn retrograde?

Fixed signs—Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio—are likely to feel the planet's effects the most.

"They may have gone through particularly challenging experiences but it really helped level up the pillars of their lives, clearing out what's not true," Noush says. 

Additionally, those who are experiencing a Saturn return are likely to feel the effects of this retrograde. 

Crystals for Saturn retrograde

For those who enjoy the art of manifesting with crystals, you might want to consider expanding your collection during Saturn retrograde. Noush believes it's best to work with stones that connect you to truth and clarity. She particularly recommends lapis lazuli and amazonite


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When does Saturn retrograde end?

Saturn's backwards spin is a lengthy one, and it won't go direct until mid-October.

While reviewing the lessons that have brought you closer to authenticity, October is the time to enact whatever speaks to you. The end of Saturn retrograde is a time to integrate the lessons you've learned. 

"It’s a powerful time to step up to the plate and answer what you desire so that you’re moving in alignment with what your soul craves," Noush said.

Following Saturn, Mars retrograde will kick off a week later on October 30, and it might make you feel a little lethargic, as it hones in on your drive and energy. Take note and make sure to enjoy your favorite self-care practices to feel rejuvenated. 

Though yes, Saturn can be a bit on the difficult side, it's only going to help you in the end. 

"Don't slip back into old patterns and ways. Really step up to the plate. Really question for yourself the truth that lies within you," Noush says. "If you level up, there are gifts and rewards at the end of [Saturn's] journey, it's not all for nothing."


An intuitive astrologer with Girl and Her Moon, Noush believes in the healing power of focused energy. You can catch her cosmic insight during an astrology reading or by signing up for a Flow with the Moon Membership.

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