What's the deal with Selena Gomez, Chris Evans and those dating rumors? Here's the scoop

The internet is collectively swooning over Selena Gomez, Chris Evans and their new romance

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Well, well, well, what do we have here? Selena Gomez, Chris Evans and a budding romance?! 

Are Chris Evans and Lizzo dating, or has that buzz-worthy notion gone kaput now that the Only Murders In The Building star has stepped in? There's a lot to unpack with this rumored new relationship, so let's dive in! 

Selena Gomez, Chris Evans and where it all began

Remember way back when—all the way to 2015—when Gomez made a pit stop on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen? While chatting with the Bravo heavyweight, she confessed to having a lil' something something for the Avengers actor, as plenty of us do. 

"I kind of have a crush on Chris Evans. Isn't he cute? He's very cute," she said. 

We have to agree with you there!

Selena Gomez, Chris Evans and social media 

Evans is currently following the actress on Instagram, though she is not following him back. This has been the first clue in fans' dating theories, though it goes without saying that many celebs follow one another. But regardless, this is the tip that has added fuel to the fire. 

That Selena Gomez and Chris Evans photo drama

Leave it to the internet to conjure up something inaccurate. Rumors first began to swirl when the two were allegedly photographed leaving the same location, but not together. Could it be? Are they trying to make an incognito exit so as no one would suspect that they were out with one another? 

Side-by-side photos emerged of the suspected duo leaving the same Los Angeles restaurant, according to a fan account of the singer and actress. Hmm...

Well, multiple sources have confirmed that the images are actually of Gomez leaving a Los Angeles Pilates class in 2017 and Evans on his way towards his car in—ready for this—2013! Unless they're time travelers, we're not entirely sure that this coupling is real. 

Another wishful fan account struck again claiming the the two were spotted on October 1, 2021 leaving an LA studio. To add more to the speculative mess, the account claims that the two are working on a project together. However, the image is  of Gomez leaving a recording studio in 2019 and Evans in London in 2020, so this time they're not even in the same country!

As of October 10, the Daily Mail caught wind of the actress and singer leaving the LA restaurant Tao, no Evans in sight. 

So are the rumors real or not?

Despite the fact that these two are probably not linked to one another—at least not yet—that hasn't stopped the internet from collectively swooning, or acting jealous that Gomez got to him before the rest of us could. Timing is everything, folks. 

Neither party has yet to confirm or deny these dating speculations, but it looks like everyone is holding out hope. It goes to show that you have to be careful what you read about Hollywood's It couple—they might not even know they're in a relationship yet!

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