These viral sex chocolates are taking over TikTok

Sex chocolates are gaining viral status, and everyone's curious if they should take a bite

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Sick of your Halloween candy? Sex chocolates are currently trending on TikTok and if their viral status is any indication, the treats seem to satisfy more than just a sweet tooth.

Here's how the naughty trend began: Emma Patterson (@emmakpatterson), took to social media to profess her interest in Sextz's herbal-infused aphrodisiac chocolates, aptly called "Orgy". The snack is for those 16+ and comes in a variety of flavors for the Willy Wonka in all of us: Amorous Amaretto, Cherry Amore, Midnight Mint, Raspberry Romance and Salted Caramelicious.

In her video, the self-described 22-year-old nursing student and gym rat gives a brief rundown of the ingredients and explains that she was instructed to buy two.

"One will give you a little energy boost and the other will have aphrodisiac qualities. Basically, you're gonna get really horny," she said. 

Emma and her partner are seen doing "cheers" with their chocolates before their "honest review" of the product, which isn't terribly lengthy or informative, but here we are.  

The clip ends with a gratifying "Wow," and fortunately no video footage. Thus one of the many viral TikTok items of 2021 has made its way into plenty of shopping carts. The company even claimed that sales for the item boosted over 1,000% after Emma's video. Perhaps she has a career in marketing in her future. 

Over two million likes and 13,000 comments later, we have another virtual sensation. Commenters flooded Emma's feed with personal questions, including how long it takes for the chocolate to kick in and do its thing and if it affects birth control. (Questions that have gone unanswered, FYI.) 

Other users seem skeptical and are not entirely convinced that Orgy is any different than Hershey's. Though our team cannot personally confirm or deny the candy's capabilities, look at it this way: you're having both sex and chocolate, and most people would give that combination a thumbs up. 


*it says not recommended if you’re under 16* #chocolatereview #nursingstudent #multiplesclerosis

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Sextz, Gourmet aphrodisiac Chocolates ($17.99)

These sexy snacks are believed to boost your libido. Available in five flavors—Amorous Amaretto, Cherry Amore, Midnight Mint, Raspberry Romance and Salted Caramelicious—Sextz's candy comes in a box of 16 pieces and includes the "highest potency herbs" and ingredients including but not limited to: Ginko Biloba, Siberian Ginseng, Guarana and, something worth noting, Horny Goat Weed.

For those who are dubious, there are other ways to feel satisfied with your romantic escapades. A new pillow sex tip is making the rounds and causing people to rethink their approach. Meanwhile, kissing during sex—a simple but oftentimes overlooked practice—is said to increase chances of orgasm, according to new research. And sexperts all sound off: the simple but effective orgasm hack, screaming, allows you to let your body take control and give it what it wants. 

"Having the extra stimulation from sounds can help both parties feel more aroused, in turn resulting in a higher likelihood of orgasm," according to the pros at MegaPleasure.

Whether or not you want to add chocolate into the mix, we'll that's entirely up to you!

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