Rubbing under your tongue? TikTok's bizarre new trend and its NSFW meaning

Have you been persuaded to start rubbing under your tongue? TikTok users' creativity just knows no bounds!

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Have you been persuaded to start rubbing under your tongue? TikTok's interesting new movement is gaining traction across the platform, and as one might expect, there's a dirty meaning behind it. 

While the majority of app users are in search of dance challenges and cool makeup trends, others are concocting wild thoughts that truly don't need to circulate our FYP, but here we are!

Make sure to take your pesto eggs off the skillet because this is probably going to shock you. Allow us to introduce you to one of the wildest TikTok trends 2021 has gifted us.

Rubbing under your tongue: TikTok's odd new trend

No intricate dance numbers or cosmetic hacks here, folks. What you need to do is simple: lift your tongue to the roof of your mouth, or position it so that you have easy access to the bottom. Then, with a (clean) finger, you rub the veins and slimy corridors. 

The technical term is the lingual frenulum, but no one is interested in that. What users are interested in? The texture, as they insist it's similar to a guy's you-know-what. You were warned that this trend would be something...interesting

Although no one can uncover its origins, the #undertongue hashtag has been amassing new content alongside original music from Vinnie, and everyone's dying to feel under their tongues to see if this notion is, indeed, true. Currently, there are over 23,000 videos, and we have a feeling that more and more users are going to give this a whirl. 

Sure, some might feel as though this is an interesting finding—and that the two textures are similar—but is there really a need to record a video of your tongue massage? Well, 23,000+ people seem to think so. 

@genevahumbert (opens in new tab)

NOOOOO #PUBGMOBILE #MMKx007 #undertongue #ifykyk #fyp #fypシ #foryou #foryourpage #halloween #halloweekend

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@seeyounext.tuesday (opens in new tab)

I was like for why....are they rubbing the bottoms of their tongues like that?!🤣🤔 #curious #noitcantbe #MMKx007 #fypシ #wtf

♬ original sound - vinnie (opens in new tab)

"Should honestly be called 'I should mind my own damn business trend,'" one user noted, and we appreciate her honesty. 

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We can't guarantee these trends are free from sex-minded hashtags, however. As you might recall, everyone is attempting to coregasm at the gym (not just for health benefits). Looks like the six-packs will be on-trend again if this new move has anything to do with it! Meanwhile, other TikTokers are using lube as makeup primer, which the pros do not recommend. 

Ah TikTok: what will you think of next?

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