Shadow and Bone filming locations: where was the show filmed?

These Shadow and Bone filming locations will transport you to the Grishaverse fantasy world

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Leigh Bardugo's fantasy novels have transitioned from page to screen, and we're incredibly excited to dive in. We've uncovered Shadow and Bone filming locations and everything you need to know about your new favorite Netflix series. Is there a binge session in your near future? You better believe it!

Just like Bridgerton's infectious high society, regardless of which medium fans start with—print or TV—Shadow and Bone's Grishaverse world will completely envelop all those who enter. Ready to find out more?

Shadow and Bone

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Where are the Shadow and Bone filming locations?

According to Decider (opens in new tab), the Shadow and Bone filming locations that portray the fictional Ravka, a nation with nods to Imperialist Russia, take place in Hungary. Scenes were filmed around historical sites in Budapest. Additionally, outdoor locations were shot in the Hungarian countryside, per Marie Claire (opens in new tab)

Viewers can expect to encounter many breathtaking landscapes, from palaces to forests. The13th century baroque Buda Castle, home to Hungarian kings, is one of the main settings, and its architecture perfectly captures the book's fantasy elements. The technical shots took place in Budapest's Origo Studios.

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When did filming take place?

Filming began in 2019 and ultimately had to come to a stop in 2020 due to COVID-19. As a result, September and October 2020 filming wrapped up in Vancouver, British Columbia, according to iNews

What is Ravka like? 

In the fictional world, up north, there is the nation of Fjerda and down south, fantasy fans will find Shu Han. Decider also makes note of Ravka's primary locations: the capital, Os Alta; Little Palace, the Grisha's home and training facility; and the Grand Palace, where Bardugo's fictional royals reside.

Since the novels open with maps of Ravka and location is such a key component of the story, the author wanted her world to be well represented on TV. 

Leigh Bardugo said in a Netflix press release: "[Executive showrunner, writer and executive producer Eric Heisserer] had great ideas and new places he wanted to take these characters, but he also had tremendous respect for the world that had been built, and for the fans who love that world."

The author continued: "Eric has always approached this show with a sense of discovery and excitement as a fan of the material, and that means so much to me."

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What is the Shadow Fold on Shadow and Bone?

Location plays a prime factor in the book-turned-series, and the Shadow Fold is arguably the most important one. Also known as the Unsea, the Shadow Fold divides East and West Ravka and is an area where nothing survives—unless you count the murderous Volcra creatures.

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Are you anxious to tune in? We have a feeling you'll end up flying through the series in one evening. (We're possibly guilty of this.) If you're curious, do check out the differences between the show and the book—both equally fantastic and worth consuming. 

See you in Ravka. 

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