The best single Valentine's Day memes for anyone in need of a laugh

Single on Valentine's Day? We get it—here are the best single Valentine's Day memes to help you through this infernal love fest...

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It's that time of year again where red hearts and roses are as far as the eye can see and seemingly every couple starts competing for who can be most cringe-worthy on our socials. So for anyone enduring February 14, solo—here are the best single Valentine's Day memes to give you a laugh...

While many are out there excitedly planning their Valentine's Day outfits and getting their new Valentine's Day-themed nail art done, there's another demographic who might be finding this day downright torturous. Because really, is there anything worse than seeing all your friends post loved-up tributes to their "rock" or "soulmate"? *Shudder*

For anyone not feeling romantically inclined this month, social media can really become a cliche-filled minefield. It's enough to make you just want to lie down in your comfiest loungewear and have an Elle Woods moment by hurling half-eaten heart-shaped chocolates at the best rom-coms on TV.

So, for those who need a little rest bite from all the mushy stuff, here's a roundup of all the funniest Single Valentine's Day memes, to hopefully help crack a smile...

The best single Valentine's Day memes

While your Valentine's Day horoscope might promise good things in the romance department in the months to come, we understand that the next 24 hours might be a real drag.

So, if you're in a need of some cheering up, just cast your eye over some of these memes...

1. Just remember for every single person, there's a gold jewelry girl receiving silver, heart-shaped earrings rn...


♬ Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want - The Dream Academy

We work so hard on these Valentine's Day gift roundups and yet still, there's a significant other out there that's just completely glassed over the fact they've never seen their partner wear silver jewelry...we're thinking of you!

2. Does it look like we have Valentine's plans, Janet?!

Why is it that people always ask this of their single friends—even when the day lands on a literal Tuesday?

3. Fancy meal for two?

The realism hits different with this one...

4. Our fictional beaus never let us down...

This is why a The Vampire Diaries marathon on Valentine's day is a need...

5. "I've had a very long, hard day."

Just leave us to our Valentine's Day self love plans and be done with it!

6. How'd those get there?

Who said you couldn't buy your own box of chocs and roses?

7. Love stinks

If only dodging the cutesy couples in the street or those joint Facebook Valentine's posts were this easy...

8. When Valentine's becomes your villain origin story

Coupled up friends and family, we love you—but not today.

9.What's one more day alone, eh?

This one's a bit savage but also, it's not wrong...

10. When even the memes cut deep

Too single, even for the single memes...

All jests aside, regardless of your relationship status be sure to treat yourself to a lil' something today—trust us, you deserve it. 

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