The quick post-shower trick to make your perfume last longer, according to an expert

This simple trick could help your signature scent last all day

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While we know never to store our perfumes in the bathroom, this simple post-shower trick could boost the longevity of all your favorite fragrances—according to the experts...

When it comes to perfume, there's nothing more heartbreaking than falling head over heels for a scent, only to find it doesn't stand the test of time. But it turns out, all is not lost if you've encountered this particular pitfall, as there's actually a simple trick to helping all the best perfumes for women last all-day.

Much like with the vaseline perfume trick, where and how you spritz your perfume can make a whole lot of difference to how your signature smellies release throughout the day—and according to the experts, it could be as simple as spraying perfume on wet skin.

The quick post-shower trick to make your perfume last longer

While many of us likely shower, towel off and then apply our favorite long-lasting perfumes once we're dressed and about to head out of the door, the experts say our fragrance step should actually come a little earlier on in our morning routines—and by earlier we mean straight after our shower!  

According to Natalia Ortiz, Chief Commerical Officer at The Fragrance Shop, spraying your perfume on damp skin can help to lock in all those dreamy perfume notes. She says: "The best time to spray perfume on your skin is right after your shower. This is because moisture gives your scent something to hold on to, so spraying your signature scent on after your skin has been freshly washed boosts its staying power."

Oritz also adds, "For situations where you can't have a shower before going from desk to dancefloor, use an unscented moisturizer on your skin before you apply perfume."

However, Vicken Arslanian, Re-Founder of perfume brand Commodity, notes to make sure you're not dousing your skin in perfume when it's still soaking wet, but rather when it's damp. Arslanian says: "Spraying on wet skin can actually hurt longevity, as odds are, you’re going to rub off a fragrance as soon as you dry yourself off. 

"Instead, spray a fragrance right after showering—and drying off—as your pores will still be open from the heat," this will help to lock in your fragrance!

Hands up if you'll be trying this one out tomorrow morn?

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