Meet Stefano Gianino, the hunky Italian from *that* 'White Lotus' scene

He made quite an impression as Niccoló—get to know Stefano Gianino from 'The White Lotus' season 2

Stefano Gianino, Tom Hollander, Jennifer Coolidge HBO The White Lotus Season 2 - Episode 6
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Mi dispiace, Theo James—your nude moment from The White Lotus season 2 has just been overtaken by Stefano Gianino, a very confident newcomer to our Sicilian-set second season who has Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) partying and fans talking.

Unlike James' much-talked-about scene from earlier this season, which the actor has confessed was aided by the addition of a prosthetic penis, Gianino's full-frontal reveal as Niccoló is seemingly au naturale. The character is introduced in episode six, which aired on Sunday, December 4, as a bit of fun for our Tanya, providing the socialite with both substances and sexiness during a wild bash at Quentin's Palermo palazzo—and maybe a bit of a distraction from those White Lotus cowboy theories. 

But who is this intriguing new addition to the cast of The White Lotus season 2? Here's what we know about Stefano Gianino.

*Warning: spoilers ahead!*

Who is Stefano Gianino from 'The White Lotus'?

Stefano Gianino is a twentysomething Sicilian actor who has been in the 2022 Rodney Ferrer film Bobby Mortal, the Italian thriller series Monterossi - La serie, and a 2021 short film called Cuore di strega. He trained in acting at The Acting Studio New York and Teatro Azione in his native Italy. Given that he only has a few credits on his IMDb page, going back until just 2020, Gianino's a newcomer on the Hollywood scene. 

Gianino's The White Lotus character Niccoló is a charming drug dealer and maybe mafia member that Quentin invites to entertain Tanya. But is he really who he seems? Some of The White Lotus theories (and there are a lot) this season posit that Tanya's new BFF Quentin and her distant new husband Greg are actually in cahoots to swindle the millionaire socialite out of money, and hunky Niccoló is merely a means of checking off the cheating clause in the newlyweds' prenup agreement. 

There's also the worry that, along with hard drugs, Niccoló is toting a gun to said palazzo party, which has viewers wondering if dear Tanya is the one who dies in The White Lotus this season. (It can't be! We won't accept The White Lotus season 3 without the one, the only Jennifer Coolidge, we just won't.) That concern doesn't deter Tanya, however, who gets up close and personal with the Italian stallion at the end of episode six. 

Stefano Gianino Instagram: what's his handle?

You can find the Italian actor on Instagram at the handle @_stefanogianino_, where he has more than 1,300 followers. There, you can find behind-the-scenes snaps of the actor's various projects, as well as videos of him playing guitar, cute cat cameos and plenty of shirtless pics at the beach. (Grazie, Stefano!)

Stefano Gianino girlfriend: who is he dating?

Sorry, all: it looks like Stefano Gianino is off the market. The handsome European has seemingly been in a long-term relationship since at least 2018 if Instagram is anything to go by

What fans are saying about Stefano Gianino:

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