Where was 'White Lotus' filmed? The HBO dramedy will certainly inspire a getaway

Ready to pack your bags?

Paolo Camilli, Bruno Gouery, Jennifer Coolidge in the white lotus season 2 episode 4
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If you've Googled "Where was White Lotus filmed," you're not alone. 

The comedy-drama has a little bit of everything: a large cast of unusual characters, a few new faces (Leo Woodall, Simona Tabasco), some mystery and, of course, gorgeous scenery. (Oh, and Jennifer Coolidge, but that goes without saying.) 

The sophomore season is currently underway on HBO Max, and everyone's inspired by the Sicilian surroundings. If you fancy an Italian getaway—and you're not fazed by who dies in White Lotus season 2—perhaps you should book a ticket. 

Where was 'White Lotus' filmed?

Good thing the Away Black Friday sale is almost here. If you're inspired by White Lotus, you're going to need a passport. 

Where was White Lotus season 2 filmed?

The White Lotus hotel chain might be fictional, but its filming locales certainly are not. It appears that Mike White has taken a liking to the Four Seasons and opted for the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace, located in the Sicilian resort town of Taormina. 

Though undeniably beautiful, it's been reported that the building is actually haunted, and according to an interview in Vulture, some of the cast members claimed to have had visions of a bald man hovering over their bed. (Still want to make a visit?) Perhaps the paranormal charm is what helped shape the second season, so a few eerie interactions were likely worth it.

"I think that season 2 is a lot sexier and it’s a little bit more sinister right off the bat," actor Meghann Fahy revealed to Variety. “It’s really action-packed, actually—I think people are gonna be surprised."

Throughout the season, the cast and crew also made their way to Noto, Palermo and Rome as well, according to Vulture

Where was White Lotus season 1 filmed?

In season 1, all of the White Lotus visitors think they're escaping to paradise, but they soon learn that their getaway is anything but. The show takes place in Hawaii and the cast and crew shot footage at the Four Seasons resort in Maui.

According to a New Yorker profile, Hawaii was a dear place to creator Mike White's heart, having vacationed there as a kid and now owning a place in Hanalei. 

"it is such a paradisiacal, idyllic place. But it’s also such a living microcosm of so many of the cultural reckonings that are happening right now," he revealed to the outlet.

He continued, "There are ethical aspects to just vacationing there, let alone buying a house there. The longer I spent time there, the more I realized just how complex it is. And it just felt like that might be interesting as a backdrop to this show."

As for The White Lotus season 3, well we're not entirely sure how things will shape up, but we're certain wherever our vacationers wind up, it'll be anything but boring! 

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