Watch 'The Dropout' trailer and relive the Elizabeth Holmes story

Hulu has released 'The Dropout' trailer, and you just might mistake Amanda Seyfried for the Theranos founder herself

Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes in The Dropout, trailer, cast
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Deception is having a moment in Hollywood. The Dropout trailer has just landed to compete with the already enticing 2022 TV lineup about lies and scams gone wrong. 

On the heels of Inventing Anna and The Tinder Swindler comes Hulu's take on the Elizabeth Holmes story, the self-made billionaire who lost it all. Amanda Seyfried expertly steps into the role of the Theranos founder—black turtleneck, messy bun, red lipstick and all. 

Have a look at what to expect from the (fictionalized) idealistic figure and make sure your spring TV lineup is scheduled accordingly—you're going to be busy!

Watch 'The Dropout' trailer:

In the first look at the Hulu original series, viewers get a pretty good sense of Holmes' backstory, from her dropping out of college to making her dreams a reality and ultimately, watching everything dissipate before her eyes. She's one of many women who made history, but unfortunately, Theranos was not what it was supposed to be.

You might need to do a double take because Seyfried totally looks—and sounds—the part.

When is 'The Dropout' release date?

The seven-episode limited series will hit Hulu on Thursday, March 3, 2022. The first three episodes will be available to stream immediately, and each remainder will become available on the subsequent Thursday. It all wraps up on March 31. 

'The Dropout' cast: who's who?

Curious who's making an appearance in this highly-anticipated series? Have a look at the lineup below: 

  • Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes
  • Naveen Andrews as Sunny Balwani
  • William H. Macy as Richard Fuisz
  • Laurie Metcalf as Phyllis Gardner
  • Elizabeth Marvel as Noel Holmes
  • Utkarsh Ambudkar as Rakesh Madhava
  • Kate Burton as Rochelle Gibbons
  • Stephen Fry as Ian Gibbons
  • Michel Gill as Chris Holmes
  • Michael Ironside as Don Lucas

Originally, Kate McKinnon was set to take on the lead role. However, Deadline reported in 2021 that after two years with the project, the SNL star had to part ways with the limited series. However, she will tackle another true-crime figure, Carole Baskin in Joe vs. Carol, which hits Peacock on March 3. 

'The Dropout' origins: how did it start?

The Dropout hit the scene as a podcast in 2019 and eventually morphed into a two-hour 20/20 special several months later. The Hulu series is executive produced by the podcast’s host and creator, Rebecca Jarvis, as well as producers Taylor Dunn and Victoria Thompson.

What is Elizabeth Holmes' story?

The chemical engineer mimicked the likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. She ended up cutting her time at Standford University short to pursue a passion project: what she believed to be a progressive new take on blood testing. 

The cause seemed noble and eventually, her company Theranos turned into a huge success in 2015. But as quickly as Holmes reached superstardom, she reached notoriety. 

In 2018, Theranos collapsed and her efforts were considered fraud: the technology that promised life-changing results, in reality, did not work. And just like that, the world's youngest self-made female billionaire (according to Forbes) was exposed. 

In 2022, Holmes was found guilty on four out of 11 counts of wire fraud and conspiracy. She faces up to 20 years in prison for each of four counts and will be sentenced on September 26, 2022, according to The New York Times.

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