What is the 'Love Island' fave speed bump sex position? An explainer on the G-spot loving move

The speed bump sex position just got a shout-out on 'Love Island'—but what does the intimate move actually entail?

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The speed bump sex position has been heralded as a favorite among some of the Love Island UK season 10 cast, not to mention it's viral-status on TikTok—but what does this steamy position actually involve, minus a pillow?

Much like the viral pillow sex tip and the sex hand trick, the speed bump is gaining a lot of popularity and hype online—especially after a few of the Love Island 2023 cast dubbed it their preferred move between the sheets.

The position itself is known for its G-spot stimulation, but also for its lazy and minimal-effort vibes (much like these best hands-free vibrators). In fact, it requires very little bending or cardio and could be a real game-changer for lovers of an intimate quickie. So, here's an explainer on the viral speed bump sex position and whether you should immediately add it to your repertoire of spicy moves...

What is the Speed Bump meaning?

While we're familiar with the best sex positions based on our zodiac signs, this move is actually pretty popular and quite similar to the TikTok pillow trick—just the other way around (it will make sense in a minute). 

It's also been named in both the 2023 winter season of Love Island and now, the latest summer installment and a villa fave. But what does the speed bump mean?

If we consult the speed bump sex Urban Dictionary meaning, it says: "A type of sex position, that's designed to target the G-spot, which involves a person to lay flat on their stomach with a pillow or bolster underneath their hips, which acts like a 'speedbump', and the person penetrating them would enter from behind them while kneeling, using the person's hips or the surface underneath for support."

So basically, instead of having a pillow under your back (like the OG pillow method), you —as the receiver—lie on your stomach with a pillow under your stomach or hips, while the giver is on top of you, using the pillow as support. The pillow offers a slight raise, which allows better G-spot stimulation. 

If it helps, you can also think of it as similar to the doggy-style position, but with one person lying down with a pillow under the abdomen rather than being on all-fours.

So far, the move has been getting a ton of search online, with TikTokers—especially—raving about it. Replying to one video shouting out the speed bump, one user wrote: "FINALLY, louder for the ones in the back!"

While another quipped: "I've finally reached the right side of TikTok," as a third simply wrote: "The BEST ever." Quite the rave review...

Who is the speed bump sex position good for?

Sex and relationship expert at condoms.uk, Pippa Murphy says: "Whilst this position works for heterosexual couples, it can also be adapted for lesbians should they use a strap-on." So definitely consider it if you're looking to try out some of the best lesbian sex positions!

Murphy also adds that if you're in a lazy mood, it's also perfect if you're, "feeling horny but perhaps is too tired for any rigorous sexual positions." It's also a great quiet sex position, which could be why it's a preferred move by Love Islanders, who all have to share a room!

What are the benefits of the speed bump position?

As mentioned, the move is great for G-spot stimulation. Murphy says the receiver should: "place a pillow underneath themselves as this is vital for the ‘speed bump’ shape, however, this isn’t done just for comfort—but for pleasure too. This position makes it easier for the giver to hit their partner's G-spot, therefore, increasing the chances of reaching a climax."

Murphy also adds that it's a great stress reliever, telling us: "This sex position is also perfect for those that have had a particularly stressful day as when a person is stressed, their cortisol level (otherwise known as ‘the stress hormone') rises, making it hard to drift off to sleep at night. However, having sex in such an intimate and close position (similar to spooning) counteracts rising cortisol levels, as nerve impulses pass through the skin, then travel up the spine to the brain. 

"Essentially, this then stimulates the release of many positive hormones, such as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine—all of which make you feel happier, less stressed, and more bonded to your partner."

For a boost of extra pleasure, Murphy says the penetrator should touch and kiss the receiver's erogenous zones, as these are "highly sensitive areas that cause instant sexual stimulation." 

Murphy adds: "The most common erogenous zones include the neck, back and nipples, however, the penetrating partner should kiss all over their partner's body whilst paying attention to their reaction, as it’ll be clear what’s most sexually stimulating." To double the pleasure, you could also try incorporating a clit vibrator into the mix or perhaps a bit of ice cube sex?

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