All about 'We Live in Time,' a.k.a. the Andrew Garfield-Florence Pugh movie we manifested

Mark your calendar for 'We Live in Time,' movie fans! With a cast like this, you're not gonna want to miss it

Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield star in 'We Live in Time' movie
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Production for We Live in Time has officially kicked off in Herne Hill in South London, as witnessed by My Imperfect Life's very own editor, who just so happened to casually stroll by the set while en route to her local coffee shop. 

Ever since that viral Florence Pugh/Andrew Garfield Oscars presenting mashup, we've been playing matchmaker in our minds and wondering when we'd learn more about our favorite dream couple's new movie. (For the record they're not a couple—at least not yet—but we have all the intel about who Florence Pugh is dating and Andrew Garfield's relationship timeline.) 

Now it appears that the heavyweights behind the film heard our wishes because production was initially supposed to begin towards the end of the year, Deadline reports. As luck would have it, We Live in Time has gotten underway ahead of schedule, which means Miss Flo and Spider-Man are going to be very busy and we can't wait to see how it all unravels!

'We Live in Time' movie—everything you need to know


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What is 'We Live in Time' about?

At this time, plot specifics are under wraps, but Deadline reports that the film is a "funny, deeply moving and immersive love story," a.k.a. exactly what we were hoping for.

My Imperfect Life editor Mariana Cerqueira has done her due diligence and can confirm, as she notes that she saw the two performers "stop by a vegetable stand and pick fruit, smell lemons, smile longingly at each other" while in character. D'aww!

(You know, we're just putting this out there, but Garfield does have a track record for falling in love on set, so...)

Who is starring in 'We Live in Time'?

Unsurprisingly, cast details are mum, too. However, IMDB notes that Adam James will be playing Simon Maxwell. The only other actors listed in the cast are Pugh and Garfield, and their characters' names have yet to be revealed. 

Irish filmmaker John Crowley will do the directing honors and Nick Payne has graciously written the script. 

Where is 'We Live in Time' being filmed?

Filming began on Monday, April 3 in London's Herne Hill to be exact. According to Cerqueira, scenes have been filmed in the following locales: 

  • Brockwell Park
  • Railton Road (towards Herne Hill)
  • Outside Lulu's

When is the 'We Live in Time' release date?

Let's not jump the gun, folks. We don't even know the plot for We Live in Time, and production just kicked off on April 3, so we suspect we have at least a year to go before it hits screens. No word yet on whether it'll come to streamers, theaters or both, but we'll be sure to fill you in, of course!

In the meantime, we suggest you catch Florence Pugh singing in her new movie, A Good Person—a tear-jerker, but of course, fabulous. 

Andrew and Flo: we're ready to learn more! And, if you're in need of an extra, Mariana will happily oblige. 

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