TikTok's 'dopamenus' trend will help you kick procrastination to the curb the best way possible

Need extra inspo to tackle your to-do list? 'Dopamenus' are one way to get the ball rolling!

What are dopamenus? Pictured: Woman in yellow white knitted sweater with bright multi colored manicure is writing in notebook sitting at yellow table
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We get it: tackling to-do lists can be challenging, but "dopamenus" (a.k.a. dopamine menus) will provide the inspiration you're looking for. 

When the best seasons of Love Island UK beckon you to the TV screen or those Barbie/Oppenheimer memes leave you endlessly scrolling, you need to find a way to break the habit. This favorite TikTok theory is a great place to start.  

What is the 'dopamenus' trend on TikTok?

Just like the trendy term suggests, 'dopamenus,' or dopamine menus, are selective lists of things that bring you joy. They're meant to give you a dopamine kick before you tackle those menial tasks that you'd rather ignore. (Oh, the dishes still need to be put away? Huh.) 

So, what should a journaling enthusiast such as yourself include on a dopamenu? Anything that makes you smile—your selections are entirely up to you. An example could be something as simple as grabbing a cold brew from your favorite coffee shop in the morning or going on a Hot Girl Walk after a long day at work. Anything that suits your fancy. 


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What are the benefits of 'dopamenus'?

The feel-good neurotransmitter, according to Harvard Medical School, provides reward and reinforcement. So when the list of things you love gives you an incentive to cross those less-than-enjoyable tasks off your list, you'll be up for the challenge. 

Sources say those who have concentration issues could benefit from a dopamenu. Additionally, those who are interested in exploring wellness fads might enjoy giving this a try. Or, if you're never one to miss out on a trending hashtag on your FYP, dopamenu could be the latest viral habit that actually transforms your day-to-day.

TikTok is in favor of creativity that involves some scribbling. If the idea of dopamenus piques your interest, there are other avenues to explore—all you need is a cute journal (obviously).  

1. Serendipity journals

Serendipity journals allow you to encounter serendipity (a.k.a. active luck) more often. This type of note-taking helps you to piece together events in your life to better understand how they're all tied together.

"The beautiful thing about a serendipity journal is that it not only focuses on the nice to have, but it's also a way to reframe the unexpected from just being a threat," Christian Busch, Ph.D., the author of The Serendipity Mindset: The Art & Science of Creating Good Luck, previously told My Imperfect Life.

2. Self-care journals

Self-care journals, another subjective hobby, asks you to keep track of the wellness areas of your life, including sleep habits, vitamin intake, workout routines, and so on. Whatever matters to you, or whatever could use improvement, deserves a page or two in your self-care notebook. 

3. Gratitude journals

Another way to get that dopamine kick? A gratitude journal. Put pen to paper and list all of the things you're thankful for in your life.

Want to give one of these methods a try? Thinking of starting something else? No matter what you're noodling on, have a look at our tips for journaling for beginners. Happy scribbling!

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