When does Virgo season start? Everything you need to know about this transformative time

Counting down the days of when does Virgo season start? 2021 will bring a "fated" flavor to this astrological time period, according to the pros

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Curious when does Virgo season start? 2021 will bring transformative effects to this astrological time period, according to pro star readers. After you've taken a gander at your August 2021 horoscope, get ready to dive into all-things Virgo. 

"It's usually a time to get our lives back in order, and [2021] will be no exception," says Narayana Montufar, astrologer and author of the forthcoming Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power (opens in new tab), of Virgo season. 

Are you ready for what's ahead? Let's get into it. 

When does Virgo season start? What to know

Virgo season kickstarts on Sunday, August 22nd alongside the next full moon, which is in Aquarius, and there's a lot to look forward to. 

"People will be getting engaged or starting important commitments that will be of the long-term kind," Montufar says. "These will be romantic as well as business. It should be a happy time!"

Likewise, astrologer Renée Watt (opens in new tab) says, "When it comes to personal and professional goals, these vibes are great for outlining your plans for the future and bringing an efficient and practical element to your dreams."

Watt notes that this is also an especially important time of the year to take note of your daily routines—checking in on your health, your to-do's your relationships. It's all about looking inward and making sure things are status quo. 

"The energy here will be naturally helpful, but you'll want to examine if the assistance you give others is reciprocated," she adds. "Be mindful that you're not being taken for granted and that your kindness is returned."

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Which signs will be most affected by Virgo season?

"Earth signs, mutable signs and Gemini will feel this energy the most, though they may feel pressured to take on more work than usual," Watt says. 

As with any other astrological season, Watt recommends being kind to yourself and others. Fight the urge to succumb to pressure. (Perhaps it's worth exploring a few self-care practices, right?)

Tips for handling Virgo season's turmoils

Although we won't feel the chaotic effects of a retrograde (phew!) there will be a few obstacles to overcome throughout Virgo season. 

"This energy can bring an element of urgency when it comes to achieving goals, and there's a risk you could become hypercritical of both yourself and others. Avoid perfectionism and lean into organization and healthy habits," Watt says.

Additionally, Montufar notes that the bright Leo Sun itself will be activating the Nodes of Destiny from August 28th to September 2nd, and the past and the future are likely to intertwine, so proceed with caution. 

Then, later on in Virgo season, many planets will be clashing with Neptune in Pisces, and you'll want to keep a good head on your shoulders. "We should be careful in our actions and be aware that certain things won't be as they seem to be," Montufar adds. 

Happy Virgo season, dear readers! We'll be cheering for your personal and career success from the grandstands.

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