Here’s why the dry scooping TikTok challenge should NOT be attempted

No, the dry scooping TikTok challenge won’t boost your gym performance, so don’t try this at home

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If you're like us, you often look to social media for workout inspiration but, according to experts, the dry scooping TikTok challenge is one to avoid, . 

According to the pros, the platform's latest fitness trend is definitely not the answer to a successful gym outing, despite what viral content might suggest. In fact, this fad is actually more dangerous than it is beneficial. 

But what exactly is the dry scooping TikTok challenge? Here’s what you need to know about the new craze taking over your feed. 

The dry scooping TikTok challenge explained

Workout buffs seem to think they're cutting corners thanks to the dry scooping trend. This purported trick involves gym-goers taking a pre-workout supplement without water.

The caffeinated pre-workout formula comes in powder form and is meant to boost performance. However, there are dangers that come with abusing the guidelines that say you should dilute the formula in liquid first. 



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The dangers of the dry scooping TikTok challenge

Cassie Vanderwall, a clinical dietician at UW Health, revealed to CNET that dry scooping causes gym-goers to ingest larger qualities of supplements than they're intended to, which can have an adverse effect on those seeking a good workout. 

Reiterating that sentiment, Dr Reyin Saghir told Cosmopolitan UK that dry scooping can actually strain your heart, as it triggers an adrenaline like effect due to the increased amount of caffeine you consume all at once. 

The effects of the dry scooping TikTok challenge could be so severe that they even cause a heart attack, like they did for a 20-year-old platform user, Briatney Portillo. Dressed in a hospital gown, Portillo captioned her TikTok video—which featured a clown filter—“taking a dry pre-workout scoop because I saw it trending on TikTok.” 

She continued: “Ending up in the hospital because I had a heart attack.”



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Portillo described her side effects to BuzzFeed, which included tightness in her chest, increased sweating and eventually her left arm going limp. 

The medical reports revealed that she suffered from an NSTEMI, which stands for non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction. It's believed to be less damaging than the more common type of heart attack known as STEMI, but it's regarded as a serious medical emergency and is something that should definitely raise concerns within the virtual #GymTok universe. 

Other side effects include an upset stomach or the threat of choking when inhaling the powder. 

Alternatives to the dry scooping TikTok challenge

For those who are looking to achieve fitness results the right way, pull on your activewear accessories and prepare to enjoy a hard-earned sweat properly, without risky side effects:

  • Indoor cycling is the most efficient fitness trend of the year, with the potential to burn around 260 calories after 30 minutes of working out at a moderate pace.
  • Muay Thai and kettlebell training both have the ability to increase stamina, muscular endurance and coordination.
  • Dance routines like Zumba are not only super fun, but they are an effective cardio workout that you can tailor to different experience levels.
  • Calisthenics and resistance training (hello, best resistance bands for women!) are great ways to improve your muscles. 

It's important to get in a good workout, but safety is the first priority. Always speak to a doctor if you have any questions. Break a sweat, sip some water and, most importantly, be careful with whatever routine you pursue!

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