When do new 'Perfect Match' episodes come out?

There's plenty of drama packed into these 'Perfect Match' episodes—here's when the next batch will hit Netflix

When do new Perfect Match episodes come out? Pictured: Damian Powers, Francesca Farago, Shayne Jansen in episode 05 of Perfect Match
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We hate being the bearer of bad news, but the number of new Perfect Match episodes is winding down. (Can you believe the drama's almost over?)

Soon, hopeful romantics will make their final selections and one couple will be declared the winner of Netflix's new series. Are those Perfect Match couples still together? Well, that's another story entirely...

Before we reach the end of our time at the villa where Perfect Match was filmed, we have a few hurdles to get through, and we have a feeling they're going to be bumpy. (Just a hunch!) Mark your calendars because here's when you can expect new Perfect Match episodes to hit Netflix—the reality TV fanatic in all of us cannot wait!

When do new 'Perfect Match' episodes come out?

Fans can expect new Perfect Match episodes to arrive on the streamer every Tuesday from February 14 through February 28, starting at 3:01 a.m. ET/12:01 a.m. PT.

Like its other reality dating shows, including Love is Blind, Netflix opted not to go its usual one-and-done binge model for Perfect Match and instead has been releasing batches of new episodes on a weekly basis, to extend all of that relationship drama and keep viewers on their toes.  

How many 'Perfect Match' episodes are left?

There will be 12 Perfect Match episodes in total, and given that we got four on Valentine's Day and four more on February 21, we have a grand finale of four episodes left to see how it all unfolds. 

Episodes 9-12 will be released on Tuesday, February 28, marking the end of the show's first season. (Will there be a second? We're curious! The ball's in your court now, Netflix.)

The new episodes, each of which clocks in at less than an hour, are likely going to throw contestants and viewers out of sorts, as we're in for a few surprises, some doubts and, of course, tears. (Did you really not expect an incoming emotional crisis?)  

The final four Perfect Match episode titles are as follows:  

  • Episode 9: "Love It Or Leave It"
  • Episode 10: "Making Waves"
  • Episode 11: "Back in the Mix"
  • Episode 12: "Game, Set, Perfect Match"

After a combined total of 199 minutes, the first season will be one for the books. (And then it's time to pivot our attention to Love Is Blind season 4, because we can't even get enough of reality dating TV.)

What 'Perfect Match' episodes are currently streaming?

Currently, you can stream the first eight episodes of Perfect Match on Netflix, which introduced us to the contestants, get us acquainted with the rules of the series and test our knowledge (as keeping up with the ever-changing couples can feel a bit overwhelming, to say the least!). 

If you need to do some catching up before the finale, consider it go time, folks.

You don't want to miss how things wrap up, especially considering the drama about the show that's circulating on social media right now. Francesca Farago is still butting heads with Savannah Palacio, and she goes as far as to suggest that Savannah had a boyfriend before venturing over to the villa. 

Then you have people wondering if Perfect Match is scripted, which opens up a whole new can of worms, and then some. And let's not forget about the plot points the cast members claim were edited out of the final take.

There's a lot to learn, and there are some things we'll never know, but we're certainly going to be tuning in on February 28. Are you thinking the winners will be Joey and Kariselle? Mitchell and Chloe? Ines and Damian? You can just consider us booked for Tuesday evening!

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