Is 'Perfect Match' scripted, or is the dating series authentic?

Naturally, someone had to ask, 'Is 'Perfect Match' scripted?' Allow the cast to share their thoughts

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Let's be honest, someone was bound to ask, "Is Perfect Match scripted?" (You probably asked it yourself.) 

The Netflix newcomer gathered singles from its popular dating shows, set up shop in a beachside villa (of course) and asked the hopeful romantics to pair with someone they fancied. Naturally, there were a few roadblocks along the way—challenges, breakups, new faces, etc.—and tensions were high amongst the couples and their competition. 

When all was said and done, and the Perfect Match winners were revealed, and fans were surprised by the outcome. Perhaps equally as surprising was the fact that all of the Perfect Match couples have gone their separate ways once cameras stopped rolling. Was it all for show, or were these fleeting romances the real deal? Let's dig into it.


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Is 'Perfect Match' scripted?

According to The Cinemaholic, it appears that Perfect Match was not scripted, but the outlet does suggest that certain details that have affected our perception of the Perfect Match cast and their storylines. 

Savannah Palacio confirmed that theory with Distractify, alleging that her relationship with Nick Uhlenhuth was skewed a particular way. (And we all know how the two left off...)

"I felt kind of bad because none of our emotional connection or anything made it in the show," she told the outlet. "And it felt not good that the show wanted to frame the Asian girl as being strategic when they were the ones asking me to talk about strategy."

She did, however, state, "I know that I made my own decisions on that show, whether they were good or bad."

Then we have everyone's fan-favorites, Joey and Kariselle. Though the two have engaged in an on-and-off relationship over the past several years, they truly took the plunge and worked on their union while on the show. We had our doubts, and they surprised us all. Though they shockingly were not declared the winners come the end of the show, they did walk out of the villa engaged—the only pair to do so.

Since then, however, their romance took a turn. Distance stood in the way, emotions ran high and low and ultimately, the two decided to split. Everyone was hoping Joey and Kariselle got married while Netflix prepared the series for its small-screen debut. Since they were so lovely dovey, fans have questioned whether or not this was acting. 

"If we were going to fake it, this would be the time to fake it—while the show’s airing,” Sasso told Screen Rant. Instead, he claims he's been upfront about their status. 

So overall, it does seem that the connections were genuine, even if the producers and editors had more of a say in the contestants' storylines than they did. But we're going to be honest: whether or not it's scripted, sometimes we can't resist a raunchy reality dating series, and Perfect Match more than qualifies. 

Perfect Match season 1 is now streaming on Netflix. Be sure to check out Love Is Blind season 4 on March 24. Other reality dating shows like Perfect Match will help keep you entertained until then. 

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