Where was 'Perfect Match' filmed? Take a look inside the stunning villa

Where was 'Perfect Match' filmed, and can you stay there IRL? Yes, it's available for rent (and doesn't come with heartbreak)!

Where was 'Perfect Match' filmed? Pictured: Zay Wilson, Anne-Sophie Perite-Frere, Dom Gabriel, Nick Uhlenhuth, Ines Tazi, Francesca Farago, Shayne Jansen, Savannah Palacio, Joey Sasso in episode 01 of Perfect Match
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Where was Perfect Match filmed? We must admit, the modern accommodations seemed a lot better than the pods. (No offense to those who starred in Love Is Blind!

There was quite a bit of drama surrounding when Perfect Match was filmed—as a few of the cast members claimed that the show's production interfered with their relationships—but where exactly was this gorgeous villa located? No reality dating show is ever complete without a villa, as you know. 

Singles from previous Netflix series like Too Hot To Handle and The Circle, to name a few, gathered at a tropical mansion with hopes of finding their other. To stay on the show, and at the beautiful seaside retreat, they needed to pair up with their "perfect match" (or at least someone willing to share a bed à la Savannah and Nick). However, couples who won different challenges had the power to break people up, find a new match for themselves and invite new people into the villa, so naturally, everyone was in search of a vacant room...and partner.

Matters in the villa have made us cringe (and then some), but one thing's for sure: the location itself is absolutely stunning. We'd take a tropical getaway there any day of the week—sans heartbreak, of course!

dom and francesca near the pool on perfect match

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Where was 'Perfect Match' filmed?

The Perfect Match cast set up shop in a six-bedroom, 25,000-square-foot mansion located a short 20 minutes from downtown Panama City, right on the edge of the rainforest. And if the series hasn't convinced you that the lodging is tropical perfection, the cost to rent out the space is $7,300 per night. 

According to a listing on Latin Exclusive and scenes from the show, this mansion boasts a gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a sprawling dining area, a library with an oversized opium bed and much more. We would totally welcome a stay at this amazing location, minus the hefty price tag, and definitely without a cutthroat reality TV competition. 

This is certainly not the first time Netflix has wowed its contestants and viewers with a spectacular setting. A one-hit-wonder in the realm of reality dating series, Dated & Related was filmed on a villa in Cannes, France, which was 2,000 square meters and sported 15 rooms, including a terrace, outdoor lounge, gym and sauna, heated pool, private tennis court and home movie theater, to name just a few perks. (By the way, here's the scoop on where the Dated and Related couples are now if you were curious.)

Again, we don't want to disparage anyone on Love Is Blind, but in terms of location, those participants clearly opted for the wrong show. However, despite the luxurious accommodations, it wasn't smooth sailing for the Perfect Match couples once filming came to an end. The pairs didn't fare well once the experiment came to a close, and sadly, fan-favorites Joey and Kariselle did not get married like we had expected. 

As contestant Joey Sasso eloquently stated to Netflix Tudum, "Relationships are hard, and going on Perfect Match is like relationships on steroids."  

Guess it doesn't matter how big the infinity pool is when you have matters of the heart to deal with. Plus, couples are friskier on vacation, so maybe they didn't even have time to check out the digs. 

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