Love Island UK 2021: When does Casa Amor end?

Like always, it has already stirred things up in the villa but when does Casa Amor end?

Laura Whitmore presenting an episode of Love Island UK
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The highlight of every Love Island season so far has by far been the drama caused by Casa Amor—a few eventful days where the couples are put to the ultimate test—but now you might be wondering: when does Casa Amor end? 

This year's installment kicked off on Monday night when the boys in the villa got a secret text, telling them to sneak out quietly to begin their journey in the new pad where they were met with six beautiful new women. Meanwhile, the girls stayed in the main villa and were joined by six new men. 

As always, the new additions have thrown a spanner in the works, with some of the boys already appearing to be jumping ship—Liam, we're looking at you! The Welsh charmer is currently torn between new girl Lillie and his original partner, Millie. Meanwhile Tyler—who is coupled up with Kaz—has also kissed another girl in bed. In fact, so far Teddy is the most well-behaved of the bunch, having spent his nights sleeping on the daybeds to prove his loyalty to Faye. 

But when exactly does Casa Amor end? 

When does Casa Amor end? 

Liam and Lillie during an episode of Love Island UK

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In today's preview of the show (29th July), we get to see a snippet of the dramatic recoupling. In previous years, the segment has typically gone on for around four days, meaning the re-coupling ceremony would happen this Friday. So it's likely we'll see the beginning of the recoupling on Thursday's episode, which will then continue on Friday (with a great cliffhanger, no doubt)...

Casa Amor has already taken its toll on the islanders within the first 24 hours after the antics of the boys were shown to the girls through revealing postcards of each boy and what they were getting up to with the new arrivals. This means we can look forward to a dramatic re-coupling, eek! 

As always, this will be a chance for the boys and girls to prove their loyalty to one another as they'll be given the option to either stick with their original partner or recouple with a new love interest who will join them in the villa. So far, we're excited for Hugo, who finally seems to have met his match in new girl Amy. But what will the rest of the boys do? 

Either way, tensions will definitely be high in the villa! 

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