When is Leo season? Here’s everything you can expect

Wondering when is Leo season? Good news: it’s on its way and will be here very soon!

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As summer continues, many of us might be wondering, “When is Leo season?” The fire sign is gearing up to be the star of the show very soon, and with its arrival comes positive energy and a full moon that will deliver bold transformations. Are you ready for it?

When is Leo season?

Mark your calendars, aspiring astrologers. Leo season will take place from 23 July  to 22 August. The corresponding zodiac symbol and element for this star sign are a lion and fire, respectively.

What to expect during Leo season

So glad you’ve asked. Expect bold, playful energy—but be careful! 

“Leo season is all about seeing friends, building up your confidence, and perhaps engaging in an art form,” says astrologer Renée Watt. "You'll want to invest your energy in people and activities that make you feel like a strong, proud person.

“Just watch out for drama!” Watt adds. “Leo energy is all about pride, and if you accidentally make someone feel as though they've been disrespected, it could be hard to smooth over.”

What’s happening during Leo season?

During the month, there are a few notable astrological and astronomic happenings you might want to keep in the back of your mind. Read on to see what they mean for you. 

The Buck Moon

The Buck Moon will take place on Friday 23 July, and reach peak illumination at 10.37pm ET (Farmer’s Almanac recommends that sky gazers look south-east to catch a glimpse of the full moon). 

If you’re more concerned about what’s happening in terms of astrology, we've got you covered—just take it from Narayana Montúfar.

“There is a sense of beginning to this full moon,” the astrologer reveals. "The fact that it is happening very early in Leo season, it could mean that it is the beginning of a string of changes that will develop over the course of the year. So, hang on to your seat, because things could get very interesting from this full moon on!"

Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio are the signs that will be most affected by the Buck Moon (we're circling the date in our calendars as we speak!).

Narayana adds: “This full moon is ideal for making big and bold moves, as the energy of change will be behind us. Like, for example, if you have been thinking of quitting your job or ending a relationship for the past six months, this is the perfect time to do so.”

Mercury enters Leo

On 27 July, the notorious planet is making its way to Leo. Astrology.com insists that "theatrical” communication will be underway for the next several weeks once this happens, so prepare accordingly. It is likely you'll have to be on your toes. 

Ceres enters Gemini

Communication might become a bit wonky on 31 July as Ceres enters Gemini, so be thoughtful with the way you approach certain situations with others. 

A new moon in Leo

Who doesn't love a good new moon? This one is all about starting something new that you might love or just enjoying what life has to offer. We can't say no to that!

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