The September 2022 new moon focuses on balance and partnerships, especially for these signs

But make sure to show yourself some TLC, too

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Ready or not, the September 2022 new moon is preparing to get its glow on. But this moon phase is about much more than looks. 

According to astrologers, the crescent moon will be taking a cue from Libra season, which asks us to find balance, particularly in our relationships, romantic and otherwise. (The September cosmic calendar did indicate that we had love on the brain.) 

But in addition to concerning ourselves with our significant others, friends and colleagues, we also have to make sure our own needs are met in the process; you certainly cannot pour from an empty cup.

"The Libra influence of this moon wants us to focus on improving and leveling up the self-care and self-love so that we can understand how to love and care for others in the way they need. It all starts with you," says astrologer Noush.

If that means you need to take a day for yourself to indulge in a wellness routine or binge something new on Netflix, the cosmos are encouraging you to find that me-time. While you're decompressing, here's everything else you need to know about the next new moon

Meet the expert: Noush

An astrologer, creative and crystal enthusiast, Noush believes in the combination of energy healing and practical spirituality to bring meaning into our lives. You can learn more about your cosmic blueprint during an astrology reading with her or shop through an incredible collection of healing crystals @jooncrystals

September 2022 new moon—everything you need to know

  • When: September 25, 2022

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September 2022 new moon spiritual meaning

Towards the tail end of the month, we'll want to get our best manifesting mindset ready to go. Thanks to Libra's influence, we'll want to take a look at the way in which we interact with those around us and how to make those connections equal.

"There is a focus on getting practical with understanding what you can do to bring more balance, harmony and fairness to how you experience the significant people in your life," Noush says. 

Even though the Planet of Communication is in retrograde during this lunar event, rest assured that the celestial vibes are positive. (Mercury retrograde effects aren't so bad, but that's a story for another day.)

"Pairing up with new connections is possible, especially if singles are waiting for their true love or if professionals are waiting for their big break," astrologer Liz Simmons previously told My Imperfect Life. "Existing partnerships may be able to level up in their arrangement, such as entertaining some sort of contract. Regardless, the reciprocal lunation encourages us to be fair so that we can entertain truly equal commitments."

Meet the expert: Liz Simmons

Liz is a self-taught astrologer and tarot reader who blends Hellenistic and modern techniques that utilizes the tropical zodiac, Placidus House system and Whole House system. You can book Liz for live astrology readings, tarot readings and written readings, among other services.

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But around the corner is 'ol Jupiter, ready to make things a little more complicated, so do be mindful that the planet can alter our views on connections in general during this time.  

"Jupiter retrograde has the potential to expand upon the new moon manifestations, but it might be more than we can handle," Simmons reveals. "We may feel notably large and in charge during this opposition as we consider our ever-changing beliefs about commitment, fairness and what we need from a partner."

In general, we should consider this lunation a precursor to Venus in Libra at the end of the month (September 29 to October 23). The four-week-long event is also a perfect time to embrace relationships and enjoy things like art and music, according to astrologers. Before you get to take advantage of that transit, let the new moon lay down the groundwork. 

Who will be most affected by the September 2022 new moon?

Although we can all expect to feel some remnants of this new moon, a few zodiac signs might feel it more so than others, Noush reveals. 

"The signs most affected by this new moon will be the cardinal signs, as the sun and moon can be making more direct aspects with their charts," she says. "This can make the new moon a breakthrough point for cardinal signs (Libra, Capricorn, Cancer, Aries) to start allowing more love into their lives by practicing more self-love and opening up to more compromise."

How the zodiac signs will be affected by the September 2022 new moon

Although the cardinal signs are going to especially feel what's to come from the lunation, Noush did a little extra digging to see how each sign will be affected by the moon phase. 

Aries: This new moon is happening in your opposite sign, Aries, and you'll want to make sure you're open to new beginnings with others. "It’s a good time to find balance because something wants to emerge in the space of partnerships," Noush says. 

Taurus: When it comes to Taurus, now is the time to focus on connections with co-workers and reestablishing healthy habits like diets and exercise routines.

Gemini: This is an enjoyable lunar phase for you, Gemini, as it's all about relationships and hobbies. "How can you build that energy of fun, romance and play and in connection with maybe a romantic partner or a friend," Noush asks.

Cancers: During this time, Cancers will want to figure out how to better manage their careers and home lives. It's necessary to find a balance. 

Leo: "Communication is key for Leos during this new moon," Noush says. "It’s important to use this energy to open up to a new way of connecting to others, or expand your network and skills."

Virgo: For Virgo, it's all about a boost of confidence and getting money manners situated. Perhaps there is room for growth financially? Once you "connect with that feeling of worthiness and value," as Noush suggests, perhaps you'll be one step closer!

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Libra: "It’s kind of a new energy of how you show up for yourself and relationships," Noush says. "This is a reminder to rebalance how much you give."

Scorpio: It's time to decompress and take things easy, Scorpio. "This is a new moon to really start focusing on your mental health and bring your mind and subconscious thoughts to ease," Noush says. 

Sagittarius: Make the most out of this new moon, Sagittarius! It'll be a fun one, as it's all about making plans for the future. Perhaps now is the time to talk travel with your partner or friends?!

Capricorn: Get in a professional mindset, Capricorn. This new moon will ask you to not only focus on your work relationships, but your career goals as well. 

Aquarius: Don't get too caught up in what other people have to say, Aquarius. Now might be a good time to get in touch with a spiritual adviser or a mentor so that you can reconnect to what's most important—yourself!

Pisces: Things might feel a little serious, but it's all for your betterment, Pisces. You can expect to focus on your connections, career and personal life during this time. "This is a new moon where you might want to inquire and investigate what is the truth in your partnership situation and where your hidden trauma might be showing up," Noush adds.

We don't know about you, but we are more than ready to welcome this new moon at the end of the month, and it seems to be one of the more favorable astrology gifts a starry-eyed fan could hope for!

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