We went full detective mode to find out exactly when 'Selling Sunset' season 6 was filmed

A few clues suggest when producers caught up with our favorite realtors

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We're happy to be reuniting with the O Group again, but with so much happening (oh the drama!) you're probably wondering—when was Selling Sunset season 6 filmed?

A lot has transpired with our favorite realtors as of late: Chrishell Stause and G Flip got married, Tarek and Heather El Moussa welcomed their baby boy, etc. So when did producers venture over to the Golden State for a little one-on-one time with the crew? Worry not because we dug deep and figured out the exact timeline...

*Watch out! Spoilers ahead!*

When was 'Selling Sunset' season 6 filmed? 

We put our detective caps' on and figured out Selling Sunset filming took place in late 2022, starting in August and wrapping up in mid-November.

How do we know? Well, shortly after the first-ever Selling Sunset reunion in 2022, Chrishell took to Instagram to announce that seasons 6 and 7 were greenlit, and that filming would kickstart in summer 2022. 

"CONGRATS to this fun lovable crazy group! #SellingSunset has been officially renewed for seasons 6&7! Filming on season 6 begins this summer," she wrote on Instagram in June 2022. 

But we also tracked down some of the events referenced on the show and cross-checked them with our favorite realtors' social media posts...

Bre is six weeks postpartum

In the very first episode of the show, we're introduced to newcomer Bre Tiesi, who had recently welcomed her first child with Nick Cannon. She meets Heather for coffee before meeting the rest of the girls at the office and she tells Heather her son is six weeks old. Given he was born on June 28 (Bree documented her home birth on Youtube and shared the birth date), this would place their coffee meet at some point around August 9—before Chelsea had much to say about Bre and Nick Cannon's relationship...

Davina is at Burning Man

In episode three, the Oppenheim ladies meet at a Manhattan Beach property for Chelsea's first solo brokers' open. Davina misses out and Nicole says she's not attending because she's at Burning Man. 

In 2022, Burning Man happened between 28 August and 5 September, so the brokers' open was filmed around that time. Mary also reveals Jason left for his European trip that day.

Jason's European getaway with Marie-Lou

Jason is noticeably absent from the office (and all hell breaks loose) because he goes back to Europe with Marie-Lou (the two met in Mykonos earlier in the summer). Like we mentioned above, Mary reveals he left for his trip sometime around the end of August and he posted pictures from his stop in Berlin on September 6, and later in Paris on September 17.

Nick Cannon's ninth baby

Chelsea reveals to some of the ladies in the office that Bre found out about Nick's ninth child while they were out after Heather's birthday dinner. Onyx Ice Cole Cannon was born on September 14, 2022, and Nick shared the news on his Instagram page the following day, so that's probably when that scene was filmed. 

Heather's baby shower

Heather's pregnancy in general is a good way to figure out when the show was filmed (thank you little Tristan Jay!) but in episode 10, we see most of the girls at her baby shower. 

The new mom posted pictures from on baby shower on November 13, referencing the shower as happening 'yesterday', which places the filming for that episode on and/or around November 12.

Chrishell jets off to Australia

In the final episode, we see Mary and Chrishell having a heart-to-heart conversation at the brokers' open for Jason's penthouses, which happened on October 25 according to Mary's Instagram post.

Chrishell actually did fly to Australia on November 21, so that probably would have been after filming wrapped up.

And there you have it—a full Selling Sunset timeline...

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