Who are Pam Anderson's sons? Meet Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger

Have you heard about Pam Anderson's sons? Her boys are the ones who inspired her to share her story

Pam Anderson sons. Pictured: Brandon Thomas Lee, Pamela Anderson, and Dylan Jagger Lee attend the Premiere of Netflix's "Pamela, a love story" at TUDUM Theater on January 30, 2023 in Hollywood, California
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All eyes are on Pam Anderson's sons. 

We're getting a look at the model-actor's life from a fresh perspective now that a new Pamela Anderson Netflix documentary (Pamela, A Love Story) and memoir (Love, Pamela) have both been released on Tuesday, January 31. While the star's marriages were subjected to close media scrutiny—everyone was asking "Why did Pamela and Tommy get divorced?" after watching Hulu's Pam & Tommy—the same cannot be said about her children. 

Despite the ups and downs that Anderson faced over the years, particularly thanks to her rollercoaster love affair with Tommy Lee, their two boys remained a constant throughout it all. 

"They saved me," she wrote in her memoir, Love, Pamela. "I don't want to put that on my kids but having children changed everything. I've loved every moment."

Pam Anderson sons: who are Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger Lee?

After just four days of getting to know one another, Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee quickly married in 1994, and their union was rocky from the get-go. In 1996, they welcomed their first son, Brandon Thomas, followed by Dylan Jagger in 1997. 

"Brandon and Dylan are true miracles, considering their gene pool," Anderson further revealed in her memoir. "They have been through so much, yet they are not full of holes."

She gets candid about her boys on the page and the screen, as well as the abuse she allegedly experienced while married to the father But her sons' encouragement ultimately persuaded her to share her truth: after years of unforgiving tabloid coverage, buzzy Pam & Tommy episodes on Hulu and the rise of #PamCore on social media, the actress decided to take the reins over her own narrative.

"We didn't want to make a talking heads film, so the only people we speak to in the film are Pamela's parents and Brandon and Dylan," Ryan White, the doc's director, told People. "The question of what's it like to grow up as Pamela Anderson's son fascinated me as a storyteller. It turns out she's a damn good mother."

Who is Brandon Thomas Lee?

Considered "fiery" and "creative" by his mother, Brandon Thomas Lee is currently pursuing an acting career. In fact, you might've caught a few of his cameos without even knowing it. He made appearances in Netflix's Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (2018) and Cosmic Sin (2021) and he followed that up with a stint on reality TV: The Hills: New Beginnings, which ran from 2019 to 2021. He's also reportedly dating model Lily Easton.

Per his Instagram profile, he's also passionate about golfing, investing and producing. He took to the platform to share a few thoughts about his mother's doc and book ahead of its late-January release.

"My hope is that this film will bring some closure to a very painful chapter in my mother's life," he posted. "This whole process has brought a newfound energy to my mother and I can't wait to see what she does next. I think the sky's the limit for this woman."

Who is Dylan Jagger Lee?

Dylan Jagger Lee is a musician like his father, according to People. Although he's since left his band Midnight Kids to pursue other avenues, his involvement in the band was a shock to his parents—it's something he kept to himself. He is also a model with EWG Management, and he appears to be in a relationship, judging from his Instagram snaps.

So, where is Pam Anderson now after all the years? Telling her truth and standing by her boys!

Pamela, A Love Story is currently streaming on Netflix.

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