Who got pregnant in 'Love Is Blind'? See which couples are bound for parenthood

Just in case host Vanessa Lachey was unclear, she's dying for a few mini-me's to join the pod squad

nick and vanessa lachey at the love is blind season 4 reunion
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So, who got pregnant in Love Is Blind? In the event she hasn't been abundantly clear, host Vanessa Lachey is dying for one of the couples to have a little one.  

You might recall during the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion, she not-so-subtly mentioned that "Auntie V" and "Uncle Nick" were anxious to welcome the first Love Is Blind baby to the pod squad. Then, after the disastrous "live" Love Is Blind season 4 reunion—which succumbed to tech glitches—Auntie V was prying again and asked each of the pairs where they stand with kiddos. 

We're curious when these Love Is Blind couples are going to jump into the next stage of their relationship, but it looks like an alumni already has!

Who got pregnant in 'Love Is Blind'?

In a move that no one saw coming, season 3's anti-hero, Bartise Bowen, welcomed a child with Olivia Gross in December 2022. We're not entirely sure of their status, or who Olivia is, to be frank, but she and Bartise have entered parenthood alongside their little fella, Aiden. 

In an Instagram post on Friday, April 7, Bartise wrote, "Might’ve been the villain on tv, but I’m gonna be the hero for him. Instagram, meet my little man ❤️ #bigfella," alongside a slew of photos with his kiddo. 

'Love Is Blind' season 4 couples

None of the new couples are planning to bring a little one into the world...yet. The consensus during the reunion is that the pairs are just enjoying their marriages right now. 

"We want to have our lives set before we bring a life into this world," Tiffany said.

But who knows? By the time Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 4 comes around, things could change.

'Love Is Blind' season 3 couples

Everyone thought Alexa and Brennon, who fell instantly in love in season three, would be the first of the Love is Blind group to be expecting. Considering that they both want a big family sooner rather than later, fans are keeping a watchful eye to see what develops next. But Bartise beat 'em both to it!

'Love Is Blind' season 2 couples

There hasn't been much in the way of success for the Love is Blind season 2 cast, and none of the couples are actually together or expecting a little one.

'Love Is Blind' season 1 couples

A Love Is Blind baby on its way in June 2023, and the little chicken nugget isn't a product of the most recent season. At the start of the new year, season one contestant Jessica Batten revealed that she is expecting her first child with her husband, Benjamin. 

"New Year, Same Me, New Mom," the former reality show contestant wrote on Instagram. "Sending the best wishes and blessings your way in 2023🙏✨ We’re excited and humbled to share we will welcome our baby into the world and into our growing family in early June ♥️ Ahh!!!"

Loyal TV fans probably have realized, though, that Benjamin was not part of the show. Jessica and her original match on the experimental series, Mark, did not say yes at the altar and she was forced to move on. But she quickly found love with Ben in 2020 before the world shut down, and by September 2021, they were engaged. 

Now, according to an interview with People, Batten's life turned upside down in the best possible way thanks to her pregnancy news and the little ones she's a step-mom to.

"It’s a lot of sacrifice, but it’s so rewarding,” she revealed to the outlet. "After being by myself for so long, or just me and (my dog) Payton, now having them, it’s just a whole different perspective."

If you were one of the lucky ones who did get to see the "live" reunion, catch up with our play-by-play in the Love Is Blind reunion recap. If not, here's how to watch the Love Is Blind reunion

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