Who is still together from 'Too Hot To Handle' season 5?

Were you hopeful about this season's daters? Who is still together from 'Too Hot To Handle' season 5?

Who is still together from Too Hot To Handle season 5?
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You've met the Too Hot To Handle season 5 cast, but are any of the couples still together now that they've left Lana's watchful "eye"? 

This season, we were treated to plenty of steaminess, per usual, but we also encountered pairings we didn't see coming. Even the show's intimacy coordinator, Brenden Durrell, was a bit surprised by who managed to take a liking to one another.

"There were a few matches within the retreat that I was like, 'I didn't see them actually getting together and it working out,'' he told My Imperfect Life. "So there are definitely some wildcard pairings that I was like, 'Oh wow.' And then, a lot of potential grew from that. I really saw them extend themselves this season."

Out of all of the singles, the show ended with three pairs: Isaac and Hannah, Alex and Elys, and Louis and Christine. Which ones took that potential and ran with it? 

*Warning: season 5 spoilers ahead*

Who is still together from 'Too Hot To Handle' season 5?

We hate to break the news, but THTH has not seen the romantic success of other reality dating shows on Netflix (particularly the love birds from Love Is Blind season 4.) More often than not, when fans ask, "Is anyone from Too Hot To Handle still together?" the answer is pretty obvious. Here's where the latest islanders from this season stack up. 

1. Elys and Alex

It seemed that Elys and Alex would be the only couple from season 5 who had a chance in making it once the cameras stopped rolling—especially considering they dropped the "L" word. 

However, long-distance ultimately got in the way. Though they managed to remain an item for six months post-show, they ultimately were unable to make it work. But the good news is that they're on friendly terms, so at least there aren't any hard feelings.

2. Isaac and Hannah

Isaac and Hannah have not been able to make the cross-country LDR work, so the two have parted ways. Plus, there was quite a bit of flirting from both parties, so the connection was on unstable ground from the get-go. 

When speaking to My Imperfect Life, Isaac Francis revealed that he doesn't have regrets about how things transpired—nor about his love triangles.   

"No, originally, I wasn't sure what was gonna happen. I was just taking everything as it came to me and that's how it worked out," he told us. "I definitely had fun on the retreat. Maybe could have toned it back a little bit. But overall it was good."

He also claims there's no bad blood.

"I'm friends with everyone on the cast. We had no problems, even directly after the show," he noted.

3. Louis and Christine

Louis and Christine had a close call while on the show, but ultimately managed to emerge as one of the season's leading couples. Now, it appears they're also the most elusive. There's no indication on social media that they're still together—or separated—so we're going to go ahead and call this one a "TBD" for the time being. Watch this space for updates.

Too Hot To Handle season 5 is currently streaming in full on Netflix.

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