Who plays Joe in 'Ginny & Georgia'? Meet Raymond Ablack

Yes, you've definitely seen him on Netflix before

joe from ginny & georgia with georgia at a bar
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Who plays Joe in Ginny & Georgia

Now that the Netflix coming-of-age dramedy/thriller has returned after a year-and-a half, it's time to get reacquainted with the Ginny & Georgia cast—especially considering it's not easy to keep track of faces from the past and present. 

Years ago, Joe crossed paths with Georgia Miller, and now he's resurfaced upon her family's move to Wellsbury. How does he fit into her life, exactly, and how does he cope with all that's going on? ("Who did Georgia kill in Ginny & Georgia" and "Does Georgia go to jail" are two pertinent questions right about now.) 

Before we catch up with this small-town resident and grab a cup of coffee at Joe's Blue Farm Café, we'll need to recap.

Young Georgia (Nikki Roumel) first meets young Joe (Yatharth Bhatt) while traveling with a biker gang. They come into contact at a rest stop, where they chat about their hopes for the future, which is how the idea of Wellsbury is planted into Georgia's head in the first place. 

Fast forward 15+ years: adult Georgia (Brianne Howey) and Joe (Raymond Ablack) reunite as his coffee shop in the Massachusetts town and pick up from there. Although there's definitely a sense of comfort between the two, they don't revisit the past, especially since Georgia is attached to Paul, her husband-to-be (though things are a little complicated between the two come that shocking Ginny & Georgia ending.)

Plenty of fans were suspecting some sort of romantic encounter, given their past and comfort with one another. However, a few things get in the way, but we still love to see their connection.

"It's fun for me to play Georgia around him because she lets her guard down a little bit. And like she says, she doesn't feel judged by him. And I don't know if there's anything more beautiful than that," Howey revealed to Entertainment Weekly about Ablack's character.  

Who plays Joe in Ginny & Georgia?

Raymond Ablack, who plays Joe in Ginny & Georgia, is no stranger to Netflix fame, as he's starred in the drama Maid alongside Margaret Qualley in 2021 and has appeared in the streamer's 2022 rom-com, Love in the Villa. However, you probably remember him from one of your favorite nostalgic TV shows: Degrassi: The Next Generation. Before Degrassi, he played young Simba in The Lion King at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Canada. 

Raymond Ablack movies and TV shows

In addition to his presence on Netflix, Ablack has appeared in other films and series, including: 

  • 2022's Boyfriends of Christmas Past (Amazon Prime)
  • 2018's Acquainted (Amazon Prime)
  • 2016-2019's Shadow Hunters (Hulu)
  • 2013-2017's Orphan Black (Apple TV)

What's Raymond Ablack age?

Born on November 15, 1989, Raymond Ablack is 33 years old—and a Scorpio. 

Who's Raymond Ablack's sister?

The actor has several siblings, but one in particular you might recognize: Rebecca Ablack stars alongside her brother in Ginny & Georgia, where she plays Padma.

Who's Raymond Ablack's girlfriend?

Plenty of people were crossing their fingers for a Georgia-Joe romance, but in reality, the Canadian actor is linked to filmmaker Jordan Steinhauer, who works for CTV's W5.

There's still a lot to uncover, which we hope to see in Ginny & Georgia season 3. For now, catch up with the antics—and Joe's presence throughout it all—in Ginny & Georgia season 2. 

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