Who plays young Georgia in 'Ginny & Georgia'?

Season 2 gave us frequent glimpses into the Millers' past—but who plays young Georgia in 'Ginny & Georgia'?

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Season two delved even deeper into the Miller women's backstories, but who plays young Georgia in Ginny & Georgia

We see Georgia (played by Brianne Howey) as a teen mom in flashbacks frequently throughout Ginny & Georgia season 2, raising the baby that she shares with Zion Miller (played by Nathan Mitchell as an adult, and Kyle Bary as a teen)—and meeting the father of her second child (Austin), Gil Timmins (portrayed by Aaron Ashmore as an adult and Ben Caldwell as young Gil). But who plays the young Georgia Miller?

These glimpses into her past answer questions about the elder Miller gal—including who did Georgia kill in Ginny & Georgia (and why). But who plays young Georgia in Ginny & Georgia? Let's get to know her.

Who plays young Georgia in 'Ginny & Georgia'?

So who plays young Georgia Miller? Canadian actress Nikki Roumel joined the cast of Ginny & Georgia in season one to play teenage Georgia Miller in the series' flashback timeline—giving viewers lots of insight into how the 30-year-old Georgia ended up who and where she is. 

young Georgia Millier and young Zion in Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

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Roumel's counterpart Brianne Howey, who plays the character in the present day, told Entertainment Weekly in January about sharing Georgia duties onscreen. Praising the young Georgia Miller, she explained, "I love Nikki [Roumel]. I think everything that she does with young Georgia is fantastic and for me, it does help inform it, both the dialogue and Georgia's responses. Just seeing how on-brand Georgia is and knowing that this is who Georgia has always been."

Nikki Roumel age: how old is she?

Born on May 8, 2000, in Toronto, Canada, Nikki Roumel is currently 22 years old (and a Taurus!). For comparison, young Georgia is supposed to be 15 years old in the show's flashbacks, so there is a little bit of a different between the young Georgia Miller on-screen and the real-life actress off-screen.

Despite an uncanny physical resemblance between the two blondes (those brows!), Ginny & Georgia actresses Brianne Howey and Nikki Roumel are not actually related, a fact that has shocked fans of the Netflix show. 

One viewer tweeted: "The casting of young Georgia (Nikki Roumel) on Ginny & Georgia is SO good. From the looks to the mannerisms, you actually believe this is the same person at various stages of life, and that’s incredibly hard to pull off."

Another agreed, posting: "Is it just me, or is the actress that plays young Georgia in Ginny and Georgia the perfect cast? She looks, talks, and walks just like Brianne Howey. Why isn’t Nikki Roumel getting more attention for her performance?"

"Both brianne howey and nikki roumel are so pretty but the CASTING?? insane dude!" a Twitter user added. Insane indeed! The Ginny and Georgia casting of the young Georgia has clearly been a very popular choice with fans. 

Nikki Roumel movies and TV shows: what else has she been in?

Outside of her performance on Ginny & Georgia, Nikki Roumel is best known for her roles as Sibyl Sadik (Leo Kirkman's girlfriend, who turned out to actually be a villain) in the political drama Designated Survivor, and Cheer Captain in the Hulu series Holly Hobbie.

She has had small parts in a couple of other TV series, but her role on Ginny & Georgia is arguably her biggest to date.

Nikki Roumel Instagram: what's her handle?

You can catch the actress on Instagram at the handle @nikkiroumel, where she has more than 317,000 followers. Along with frequent behind-the-scenes snaps of Roumel with her Ginny & Georgia crew (including her adorable "flashback family"), her Insta grid is full of beautiful travel photos of the star in locales like Greece, Peru and Morocco. (She does describe herself as a "wanderer" in her profile bio!)

Now you know who plays young Georgia in Ginny & Georgia, catch Nikki Roumel as young Georgia Miller in Ginny & Georgia season 2—now streaming on Netflix. 

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