Why did Dom and Georgia break up after 'Perfect Match'?

Here's what fans need to know about Dom and Georgia's break up

Perfect Match. (L to R) Georgia Hassarati, Dom Gabriel in episode 06 of Perfect Match. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix / © 2023 Netflix, Inc.
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Why did Dom and Georgia break up after being crowned the Perfect Match winners?

Netflix's latest dating reality show, Perfect Match, saw a host of stars from other reality TV shows—think Love Is Blind, Too Hot To Handle, and The Circle—come together to be paired up with each other each week, to help them discover their eventual 'perfect match'. The show premiered on February 14, and although fans watching from the comfort of their couch were surprised that Joey and Kariselle didn't eventually take the top spot, they were nevertheless pleased that it was one of the Perfect Match couples who had actually managed to find love (the success rate post-show isn't looking so hot though.)

"I knew you were my perfect match but I didn't realize we were the perfect match," Georgia Hassarati said of her coupling with Dom Gabriel on the show. But since then, the pair have sadly parted ways. So what happened between the pair, and why did Dom and Georgia break up?

Dom and Georgia's Perfect Match journey

The pair didn't connect right at the beginning of the series with Dom initially keen to get to know Francesca Farago, originally from the show Too Hot To Handle.

However, Dom's O.G. match soon rekindled a romance with Love Is Blind's Damian Powers, causing a bit of a rift between herself and Georgia. (And no one wants to feel Francesca's wrath!) 

Despite uncertainties, lingering feelings for old partners and the fact that a spot in the villa wasn't guaranteed, Dom and Georgia deepened their connection and made things work. 

“It was a very difficult atmosphere and we rose above every challenge that was thrown at us. It brought us together. It made us stronger," she told TODAY

In the same interview, they both agreed they fell hard while on the show. So, what happened between Dom and Georgia? Why did Dom and Georgia break up Here's what we know...

Why did Dom and Georgia break up after 'Perfect Match'?

Although neither party has commented on why they decided to go their separate ways, it appears there's no bad blood between Dom and Georgia, as they continue to follow one another on social media, and there hasn't been any talk of ill will. Sadly though, they confessed that they had split soon after appearing on the show, meaning that they never got to enjoy the all-expenses-paid vacation that was promised to them as winners!

Aside from that though, there are several factors that could have caused their split: distance, for one, as Dom hails from Canada and Georgia is from Australia, as well as busy schedules. The two might've enjoyed staying at the villa where Perfect Match was filmed—major vacation inspo, by the way—but that didn't guarantee that their lives would line up IRL once filming ended. 

Additionally, there were allegedly a few disagreements between the two that viewers didn't get to see, which is understandable and totally expected for any couple. 

"I think there was a night where I had to sleep on the couch and I was kind of in the dog house," Dom joked to TODAY.

Perhaps the subject of these disagreements ultimately led to their split? If you ask the astrologers, fate was written in the stars. 

Perfect Match. (L to R) Georgia Hassarati, Dom Gabriel in episode 06 of Perfect Match. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix / © 2023 Netflix, Inc.

(Image credit: Netflix)

"Dom (Capricorn) and Georgia (Sagittarius) have very stark energy that can rub one another wrong, as Earth signs (such as Dom) favor loyalty, devotion and routine, while Georgia hungers for spontaneity," astrologer Kyle Thomas previously told My Imperfect Life. (Psst: check out what the Perfect Match cast zodiac signs reveal about their compatibility.) 

Now, however, Georgia has her own podcast, and has moved on with another Netflix reality star: Harry Jowsey...who was previously engaged to Francesca! Messy indeed.

Needless to say, this is not a choice that sits well with Francesca. 

"I’m not going to say she’s disingenuous, but it’s just, like, sketchy, to me," she told Variety of Georgia and Harry's relationship. "And his intentions are sketchy to me. It’s just convenient that they’re back together a week before our premiere. I don’t really trust either of them."

Perfect Match season 1 is available for streaming on Netflix. 

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