What do the 'Perfect Match' cast zodiac signs reveal about their compatibility? Astrologers break it all down

We spoke to the pros to find out what the 'Perfect Match' cast zodiac signs mean for the pairs

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Yes, we're scoping out the Perfect Match cast zodiac signs to see which pairs are truly compatible. 

All of the Perfect Match episodes have hit Netflix, and we were kind of surprised by the Perfect Match winners, truth be told, but was the finale written in the stars?

Before we dig into the nitty-gritty cosmic details, celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas notes that specifically when Perfect Match was filmed—in March 2022—is a significant detail that cannot be overlooked. (Is Netflix up on its astrology?!)

"Jupiter, the planet of miracles and luck, was spinning in the zodiac sign of Pisces," Thomas says. "Whenever Jupiter is in Pisces, which takes place just once every 12 years, there is a greater focus on romance, spiritual connection and deep love."

He continues, "Even though the series is currently airing, it means that when the connections were taking place, there was a heightened ability for all of the reality stars to find passion and romance on a deep level."

Very interesting, indeed. Here's what we know about Perfect Match cast zodiac signs and how that astrological compatibility might play into the hopeful romantics' fate.

Kyle Thomas
Meet the expert: Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas is a globally recognized pop culture astrologer who has been featured on Access Hollywood, E! Entertainment, NBC and ABC television, Cosmopolitan, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Post, Page Six, Hulu, Seventeen, Bustle, Elite Daily, The Daily Mail, Marie Claire and more. 

He is known for his cosmic guidance for celebrities, business executives and prominent influencers. His work harnesses the power of the stars in regard to entertainment lifestyle and trends affecting people worldwide.

What are the 'Perfect Match' cast zodiac signs?

Everyone's curious about the Perfect Match cast members' astro details. What is Francesca Farago's zodiac sign? What about Savannah Palaciolacio's zodiac sign? 

Here are the current couples we met at the end of the series, as well as their zodiac signs. (Do note that we still have four episodes to go and things could change with our matches!) 

  • Joey (Sagittarius) and Kariselle (Sagittarius)
  • Dom (Capricorn) and Georgia (Sagittarius) 
  • Shayne (Taurus) and Chloe (Pisces) 
  • Bartise (Cancer) and Izzy (Pisces)
  • LC (Aquarius) and Nick (Virgo) 

And here are the other couples we assessed throughout the series. (As you know, matches changed frequently.) 

  • Francesca (Scorpio) and Abbey (Sagittarius)
  • Will (either a Capricorn or Virgo) and Diamond (Sagittarius)
  • Ines (Capricorn) and Damian (Gemini)
  • Mitchell (Virgo) and Chloe (Pisces)

You'll notice we have a lot of Sagittarius energy, which is incredibly interesting. Was this a coincidence? 

"Sagittarius is always interested in challenges, having fun and experimenting," says Nebula's astrologer Iva Naskova. "In fact, this show is ideally made for this star sign. It provides them with a sense of adventure, and adrenaline, experiencing something new every day and having lots of fun."

Likewise, Thomas adds, "Sagittarians are one of the most courageous and free-spirited zodiac signs of all and are always down for an adventure. This power is being encapsulated in the first season of the series."

nebula app logo
Meet the expert: Iva Naskova

Iva Naskova is a Western Astrologer at Nebula: Horoscope&Astrology Platform. Iva has over seven years of experience. Helping people to figure out love and career matters and find their inner peace using astrology is what Ivana is most passionate about. 

Astrologer Dalila Salgueiro, founder of @themanifestingapp as well as Comms Ça PR agency, believes the energy of this fire sign is likely why the dynamics in the villa are so intense—and why so many viewers can't get enough of the show. 

"Sagittarius's energy is spontaneous, impulsive, passionate and optimistic," Salgueiro says. "It's filled with a youthful flair, which draws so many people to them."

Dalila Salgueiro headshot
Meet the expert: Dalila Salgueiro

Dalila is an Astro-manifesting coach and the founder of @themanifestingapp, as well as Comms Ça PR agency based in London and New York. 

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Which 'Perfect Match' couples are most compatible, based on star signs?

There are a few pairings that, as far as astrology goes, are a "perfect match." People are particularly drawn to Chloe (a Pisces) and Mitchell (a Virgo). 

"The two mirror one another in strong ways," Thomas says. "For instance, Virgo and Pisces dance on the same axis of the zodiac, which means that they can relate to one another, complement each other naturally and play to one another’s strengths while also pushing one another to grow."

Likewise, astrologer Renée Watt believes that the signs' polarity leads to great balance. 

"Pisces tend to be lofty dreamers, while Virgos are more devoted to consistency and order," she says. "As long as each person is devoted to lifting one another up, there’s no limit to what dreams this dynamic duo can manifest."

Renée Watt
Meet the expert: Renée Watt

Astrologer Renée Watt has offered her expertise for a variety of publications, including Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Girlboss and more. She hosts a weekly podcast called "The Glitter Cast" and is a cohost of the occult livestream “Betwixt The Shadows.”

Though we know Francesca Farago is dating someone she met post-filming, everyone thinks she and Abbey had major potential. 

"Both Scorpio and Sagittarius hunger for passion on a truly deep level," Thomas says. "This couple sizzles and there will certainly be a major focus on chemistry, eye contact and a dance of seduction." 

Joey and Kariselle are also one of our astrologers' fan favorites. Despite their initial bumpy road—and past history—these two could potentially work well together. They did get engaged at the end of the show, and everyone was curious whether or not Joey and Kariselle got married since the show wrapped. 

"This is an adventurous couple," Thomas says. "They both can have a rebellious, impulsive, and naughty edge with one another, but ultimately want to find someone who will dance with them side-by-side into the sunset."

But, this combo would also have to be careful, according to Watt. 

"Two Sagittarius in one relationship is bound to create a lot of heat, which may not always be a good thing! This beloved fire sign craves attention, and competition could fester into resentment if each partner is constantly trying to outdo the other."

Ultimately, the two have ended their engagement. Sasso told Netflix Tudum, "We love very hard, so the highs are high, and the lows can be very low. At this point, we just know that we’re probably better apart, but that we really want to try to work on our friendship.

Which 'Perfect Match' couples are least compatible, based on star signs?

Although we love French Cool Girl Ines, her pairing with Damian might not be the best in terms of astrology. 

"The two signs have very different energies, hobbies and interests," says Salgueiro. "It is rare for a relationship between these signs to last more than a few days as they clash in many ways."

Dom and Georgia aren't looking too positive, either, if we're to go by zodiac signs.

"Dom (Capricorn) and Georgia (Sagittarius) have very stark energy that can rub one another wrong, as Earth signs (such as Dom) favor loyalty, devotion and routine, while Georgia hungers for spontaneity," Thomas says. 

Naskova adds to that: "Eventually, the relationship can lead to Cap feeling frustrated that the Sag always avoids taking responsibility and leaving them to take care of everything, while Sagittarius has fun all the time."

Although they emerged the winners of the show, their union did not last long, and people were curious why Dom and Georgia broke up. (Not to point fingers, but it seems to be Harry Jowsey's fault.) 

It's a bit harder to determine Will and Diamond's compatibility, as no one can confirm whether he's a Capricorn or Virgo. If Will is a Capricorn, it could be a great complement to Diamond's Sagittarius energy, but if he's a Virgo, well...

"This could be one of the most challenging matches of all because if Will is a Virgo and Diamond is a Sagittarius, they are Mutable signs," Thomas says. "This means that they may clash from different perspectives on the zodiac."

The bottom line?

Despite our analysis, the astrologers want you to note that any zodiac combination is possible, provided each party is open to it. 

"I want to say that every single zodiac sign can date, fall in love, and have a successful relationship with any other zodiac sign," Thomas notes. 

Watt concurs: "I believe true love finds a way beyond astrology."

Still, we're curious to see how these pairings fare after this Netflix experiment, which is why we're dying for a Perfect Match reunion. (And if you're curious about astrological compatibility, allow our experts to fill you in on the subject!) 

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