Joe Goldberg names: all of the aliases the killer has used in 'You'

Honestly, a list was the only way to keep track of all of Joe Goldberg's names in the Netflix hit

All of You's Joe Goldberg names. Pictured: Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 402 of You
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Joe Goldberg is a man of many names—many, many names—and ahead of You season 4, we're digging into all of the murderer's aliases. 

On Thursday, February 9, we'll catch up with the literary killer (played by Penn Badgley) as he ventures over to London for a new start in academia. After his recent bout of misdeeds, he's forced to once again make a few changes to his identity. Considering that "how many people has Joe Goldberg killed?" is a rather common question, we can't say we're surprised to learn he's walking around incognito...again.

Before new drama unfolds on the fourth season of the Netflix series, let's revisit a few of the bookworm's other identities. (No judgment—there's been a lot of turmoil, and we need a refresher ourselves!)

A running list of Joe Goldberg names and aliases:

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1. Nick

Joe ventured over to the City of Lights in search of his love Marienne (played by Tati Gabrielle), but it was kind of hard to do after he staged a murder-suicide alongside his wife, Love (Victoria Pedretti). (In turn, many are asking "Is Love in season 4 of You?) 

We're not so sure how he pulled off the passport logistics, but Joe—or should we say Nick—was last seen in a Paris coffee shop, so he did successfully manage to make his way across the globe after You season 3's explosive finale. Some say his moniker of choice was in reference to Nick Carraway from The Great Gatsby

2. Will Bettelheim

When Joe left New York for L.A., he requested help from Will Bettelheim, who was skilled at making fake i.d.s (which perhaps was how Joe was able to travel as easily as he did).

The two formed a bond and when Will revealed to Joe that he wasn't entirely who he said he was, Joe took matters into his own hands and adopted Will's identity after kidnapping him. But what happened when Jasper, who was intent on getting the money the "real" Will owes him, entered the picture? (Hint: it ain't good.) 

3. Spencer Hewitt

After the whole Peach/Beck debacle in season one, Joe found himself in a car accident. When a cop showed up at the scene, Joe used the name Spencer Hewitt to get out of the situation. Spencer was Ivan Mooney's nephew and Ivan was the bookstore owner where Joe worked. Talk about thinking fast, right? 

To really drive the lie home, Joe made up a backstory about Spencer's wealthy lifestyle and even invited the cop to go sailing. 

4. Paul Brown

In the first season, Joe didn't take his split with Beck well and suspected that she was having an affair with her therapist, Dr. Nicky. To get to the bottom of the situation, Joe elicited Dr. Nicky's professional help and went to their therapy sessions under the guise of a gay man named Paul Brown. 

5. Jonathan Moore

In season four, we'll meet Jonathan Moore, a.k.a. Joe, in London, where he's taking on a professorial role at a university. But it looks like this time, someone's after him.

You season 4 part 1 is streaming on Netflix as of Thursday, February 9. Part 2 will follow on Thursday, March 9. 

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