How many people has Joe Goldberg killed in 'You'? A running list

The bookseller has been *busy*. If you were wondering, 'How many people has Joe Goldberg killed?' we'll give you a hint: a lot

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 402 of You
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How many people has Joe Goldberg killed?

Ahead of You season 4, we're recapping all of the evildoings from our favorite bookseller-turned-murderer and as it turns out, there's quite a bit to keep track of. But that's no surprise. 

When the thriller returns to Netflix on Thursday, February 9, we'll reunite with Joe (Penn Badgley) who decided to begin his life anew—again—in another location. Now, he's in the UK, assuming the role of Professor Jonathan Moore. You can't get into too much trouble in academia...right? 

Well, as we find out from the season 4 trailer, it's Joe's turn to get a taste of his own medicine. What does that mean for our wicked main character? Until we find out what's going on in England, let's take a look back.

How many people has Joe Goldberg killed in 'You'?

Joe Goldberg has had quite a few victims and his murder résumé is pretty lengthy. (He should definitely be in jail by now.) From the debut season to the most recent iteration, You season 3, here's who lost their battle with Joe.

1. Benji (season one)

Peanut allergies can be deadly, as was the case for womanizer Benji, who had been seeing Joe's love interest, Beck, on a casual basis. Looks like he should've been careful about revealing his dietary restrictions to Joe, who spiked his coffee with peanut oil. Oh, but let's not forget he also trapped Benji in a cage at the bookshop.

Shay Mitchell as Peach in 'You' on Netflix

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2. Peach (season one)

Peach and Joe shared a love for Beck, but sadly, the girl's best friend was doomed from the get-go. She was suspicious of Joe's ways, and it cost her. They fought over a gun when Joe crashed a trip to Greenwich, and when things turned deadly, he managed to frame her death as a suicide. 

3. Elijah (season one)

Cheating can be heartbreaking, and Joe did not take Candace's infidelity kindly. He discovered she had been fooling around with Elijah, and then fans later learned in a series of flashbacks that Joe pushed him off the side of a building. 

4. Ron (season one)

Ron was dating Joe's neighbor, Claudia, and being abusive towards her and her son, Paco. Joe decided to take the man's life in order to protect them.

Elizabeth Lail as Beck in 'You' on Netflix

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5. Beck (season one)

Joe was crazy about Beck, but what she knows about him is damaging. He attempted to keep her locked away as he did with Benji, but when she had almost succeeded in escaping, Joe was there to put an end to it all. He pinned it all on Dr. Nicky. For those who have read the book, Beck's on-page death was more gruesome. 

6. Jasper (season two)

Jasper was hellbent on getting the money Will Bettelheim owed him. But there's a slight problem: the real Will was trapped in Joe's cage and Joe had assumed his identity. In order to get rid of the issue, Joe takes Jasper's life via a meat processor. (Yes, it's as horrific as it sounds.)

7. Henderson (season two)

Henderson might be a comedian, but his ways with women are far from funny. His abusive nature caused Joe to break into his home and force him to confess his crimes on camera. Things didn't go too well for the jokester that evening.

8. Ryan (season three)

Joe does not let any man stand in the way of his love interest. When he uncovered that Ryan, Marienne's ex, hadn't treated her the way he should have, Joe ended the reporter's life.



9. Love (season three)

Joe revisits a tactic he used for Peach: staging Love's death as a suicide. He killed her with her own wolfsbane (which is what she used to kill her ex who, no, was not really sick).

Who knows what's to come in season 4? While you wait, here's how to read the You series in order. Plus, author Caroline Kepnes has announced a new You story, For You and Only You: A Joe Goldberg Novel, hitting shelves in April 2023.

For You and Only You: A Joe Goldberg Novel by Caroline Kepnes: Available for pre-order

For You and Only You: A Joe Goldberg Novel by Caroline Kepnes: Available for pre-order

Joe's love of literature has taken a new turn: he's now a writer—one invited to participate in a fellowship at Harvard When he crosses paths with Wonder Parish, he seems to be enamored. But we know what happens when Joe takes a liking to someone new...

You season 4 part 1 premiere on Netflix on February 9, with part 2 to follow on March 9.

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