The 'You' season 4 part 2 teaser just dropped with an unexpected face

Guess who's back in 'You' season 4 part 2? Check out the just-dropped trailer to find out

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 401 of You
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We're halfway through Joe Goldberg's latest antics and the You season 4 part 2 teaser has dropped. Can you guess what's next? (Hint: nothing good.) 

As you're aware, our creepy literary killer has assumed a new identity as Professor Jonathan Moore—one of the many Joe Goldberg names and aliases—in order to start over in London. Though he seems set on changing his ways, at least for now, his bookish counterpart Rhys Montrose (Ed Speelers) is making it rather hard to forget his past.

"You don't get to tell me who I am. I'm not some cold-blooded psycho," Joe says to Rhys in the trailer. Have a look at what's next below. 

*Warning: You season 4 part 1 spoilers ahead!*

Watch the 'You' season 4 part 2 teaser:

The list of people Joe Goldberg has killed is lengthy, but it appears he is trying to bury his dark past. But his new peer, Rhys (a.k.a. the Eat the Rich Killer) is making it kind of hard. Although Joe doesn't seem to identify with Rhys, the next moment we catch him digging a grave. So much for new beginnings, right? 

Who is in the 'You' season 4 part 2 cast?

Toward the end of the You season 4 part 2 trailer, we see a familiar face that we were not expecting: none other than Love Quinn. Many of us wondered, "is Love in season 4 of You?" and it looks like Joe's wife is back...somehow.

Given that things ended on a rather horrific note for Love in You season 3, we're a bit surprised, but we're assuming this has to be some sort of flashback or dream scene, right? If you asked the woman behind Love, actress Victoria Pedretti, she thought Love had met her demise. 

"As far as I know, she's dead," Pedretti told our sister site, Marie Claire."I love the show and the people I work with. And this character is a blast—most of the time she's a blast. So yeah, I would certainly be interested [in returning]. But I'm just here trying to come to terms with the fact that it's over."

Much to fans' surprise (and pleasure), it looks like Love's story isn't quite done yet.

When is the 'You' season 4 part 2 release date?

You season 4 part 2 will be released on Netflix on Thursday, March 9, exactly one month after the first part of the fourth season dropped on the streamer. 

Like the first half of the season, the second will consist of five hourlong episodes. 

There's a lot to uncover in the second installment of season 4, but fans are also starting to get curious about You season 5. Although the streamer has yet to reveal whether or not the book-turned-series will be treated to another round, something tells us we're not done with Joe Goldberg quite yet. 

And, just after the season 4 part 2 premiere, author Caroline Kepnes will continue Joe's story on page with For You and Only You: A Joe Goldberg Novel, which hits bookshelves on Tuesday, April 25. 

For You and Only You: A Joe Goldberg Novel by Caroline Kepnes—Available for pre-order
RRP: $23.99, £11.17

For You and Only You: A Joe Goldberg Novel by Caroline Kepnes—Available for pre-order

Joe's love of literature has taken a new turn: he's now a writer—one invited to participate in a fellowship at Harvard at that. When he crosses paths with Wonder Parish, he seems to be enamored, especially since they don't come from prestigious backgrounds like the rest of the Harvard clan. But we know what happens when Joe becomes engaged with a woman...

Looks like it's Joe's world and we're just living in it...though some people are not quite as fortunate. 

You season 4 part 1 is currently streaming on Netflix. You season 4 part 2 premieres on Thursday, March 9. 

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