Wait, did Amelia Gray Hamlin and Scott Disick just break up?

Even Lisa Rinna, Amelia Gray Hamlin's mom, seems to be alluding to relationship drama

Scott Disick and Amelia Gray Hamlin are seen on February 14, 2021 in Miami, Florida
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Is Amelia Gray Hamlin trying to tell us something? The 20-year-old seemingly hinted at trouble in paradise on Instagram following the Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima texting fiasco. Judging from the context of her cryptic message, it appears she's not a happy camper.

On Tuesday, September 7, the model took to her Instagram stories to share a bit of wisdom with her followers: "Never settle for less. Not with your job, your friends, and especially not with your heart. Continue to seek what you are looking for and do not shrink yourself for the sake of other people. You deserve the best." 

Did Amelia Gray Hamlin end things with Scott Disick?

Could this all be a result of Disick's alleged interaction with Bendjima? As Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker made their way to Italy, the friends-to-lovers couple, per usual, decided to show some PDA along the way, and apparently, it did not sit well with Disick.

Kardashian's ex, Bendjima, exposed an alleged DM from the Lord Disick himself questioning his ex's frisky behavior. "Yo is this chick ok!????? Brooo like what is this. In the middle of Italy,” Scott wrote while including a photo of Kravis in a lip lock.  

Younes replied: "Don’t matter to me as long as she’s happy. PS: I aint your bro.” He captioned the screenshot of the message with: "Keep the same energy you had about me publicly, privately.”

Although the reality TV starlet and Poosh founder has kept quiet about the shade from her ex, sources allege that Kardashian is planning to confront Disick about the message. Guess we can't blame Hamlin for feeling a bit uncomfortable with this interaction.

And, it appears the model's mother, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna, is less than pleased. She's been vocal about her daughter's relationship with Disick, who's 18 years her senior, and even admitted on the Bravo show that she and her husband Harry Hamlin are not totally on board with the pairing.

In true Rinna fashion, she exclaimed during a confessional: "Like, why can't it be Harry Styles? Why the f*** is it Scott Disick?"

Though Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are the new It couple, the RHOBH castmate is staying hopeful—and seemingly throwing some shade at Disick—by posting an image of Styles on her Instagram as her daughter's breakup rumors continue to swirl.

Although it's not 100% confirmed that Amelia and Scott have parted ways, there definitely appears to be tension. Looks like we should expect a few apologies in the near future!

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