This sexy 'Bridgerton'-inspired audio experience will perk your ears right up

The Duke of Hastings, who? This 'Bridgerton'-inspired audio experience will set your sights on a new regency romance

anthony bridgerton in bridgerton season 2
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Marvelous news, your grace. A titillating Bridgerton-inspired audio experience is on its way to satisfy all of your senses. 

Ahead of Bridgerton season 2, you can prep your Airpods for a romantic Regency encounter that'll leave you breathless. You might need to keep a glass of water handy, however. (Just a friendly tip!)

Best Kept Secret (opens in new tab), a UK-based website that's home to erotic audiobooks, will do the honors before the Netflix (opens in new tab) hit returns on March 25. Though fans to this day ask "Why is Simon leaving Bridgerton?" by the time this racy recording reaches its final chapter, you'll be saying, "The Duke of Hastings who?!"

'Bridgerton'-inspired audio experience

Visit Best Kept Secret (opens in new tab) to enjoy the 40-minute two-parter, which is just as steamy as your favorite Shondaland series.

In the story, you'll take on the role of the frustrated protagonist, Miss Spencer, who is married to an earl who is less than desirable. But your luck is about to change upon a chance encounter with Lord Robinson, who is about to show you a very exciting side of Regency London...and then some. 

"Don’t be afraid of danger. I know the penalties if we get caught, but there’s just one problem…I want you," he says. 

Though a title and release date are still under wraps, do keep your eyes peeled on the site for the exciting drop. You can also sign up for a Best Kept Secret subscription via Patreon, which features three membership levels.

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Patreon, Best Kept Secret subscription ($1.99 to $10.99 per month (opens in new tab))

Baby Girl ($1.99 per month): includes 2 NSFW audios per month and standard BKS discord access

Brat ($5.99 per month): includes 8-12 new audios per month (SFW and NSFW), standard BKS discord access and full access to the Best Kept Secret Audio & Short Stories Collection

The Secret Tier ($10.99 per month): includes 8-12 new audios per month (SFW and NSFW), standard BKS discord access and full access to the Best Kept Secret Audio & Short Stories Collection, priority story requests and 2-3 bonus audios each month

Though we have plenty to look forward to in the new series—did you hear about that season 2 Bridgerton love triangle—we are plenty excited to give a listen to this new story. Are your headphones ready?

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