A Britney Spears book deal has been secured for $15 million—here's what fans can expect

Our pop princess is getting ready to tell

Singer Britney Spears attends the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden on August 28, 2016 in New York City
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The Princess of Pop is ready to spill all the tea: a Britney Spears book deal with Simon & Schuster has been secured to the tune of $15 million, which is not too shabby for a first-time author. 

Following the whirlwind Britney Spears conservatorship battle, the singer's subsequent engagement to longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari and that fraught Jamie Lynn Spears Good Morning America interview, fans are anxious to take a peek into the next chapter of the star's life, quite literally. 

The New York Post broke the news and revealed that this contract is considered one of the biggest deals in the publishing industry's history, compared to that of the Obamas' memoirs. 

Inside the Britney Spears book deal:

At the time of publication, little is known about Spears' memoir and its projected release date. However, The New York Post has indicated that the "Toxic" songstress wants to personally tell her life story, so it will likely detail her childhood, rise to fame and struggles with her 13-year-long conservatorship and, in turn, her family. (If you've been wondering what did Jaime Lynn do to Britney, it appears we're about to find out.) 

But Brit isn't the only author in the family: this literary news comes on the heels of her younger sister's book, Things I Should Have Said, which hit newsstands in early 2022. To promote her memoir, the youngest Spears sibling sat down with Juju Chang to discuss her book and the "misconceptions" regarding her role in her sister's conservatorship. 

Her reveals were not well-received by her superstar sibling, who issued a cease-and-desist against her younger sister and responded with a slew of strongly-worded Instagram posts, which have since been deleted. 

Part of the scathing note read: "Congrats best seller…..The nerve of you to sell a book now and talk s—t but your f—king lying…..I wish you would take a lie detector test so all these masses of people see you’re lying through your teeth about me !!!!"

With a new project on the horizon—and more music to come—here's hoping the singer's next chapter is a positive one. And, though it goes without saying, book clubs across the world are going to be busy when the memoir is actually released!

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