The funniest 'By Age 30' memes on the internet

'By Age 30' memes keep on coming—and we can't stop laughing

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The now-viral "By age 30" memes prove that the internet has done some of its best work this summer. 

While we got a chuckle out of the American Girl Doll memes and felt personally victimized by Regina George Little Miss memes, the "By Age 30" trend has resonated with us the most.

From cute quips to spot-on observations, this internet fad calls out some of the behaviors we tend to display as we enter our 30s, like stocking up on tote bags, perfecting our anti-wrinkle skincare routines, getting joy from The Container Store and so on. (You get the idea.) 

We have the good, the bad, the ugly and—surprisingly—the inspiring. Fortunately, we've scrolled through our Twitter feed to uncover some of the best "By Age 30" memes for your enjoyment/existential dread.

Our favorite 'By Age 30' memes from social media:

1. We love a positive mindset...

Is this 2022 in a nutshell?

2. We *really* love a positive mindset

Anyone else disgusted yet?

3. We'll take alllll the tote bags

How else are we supposed to manage our grocery store visits?

4. No need for Zillow

"We're movin' on up...movin' on up" (or in this case, down). 

5. *Heads to Sephora*

In the event that you're a bit behind on your 30s to-do list, our expert-backed guide to the accurate skincare product order will help you fight blemishes and achieve the ultimate clean girl aesthetic à la Hailey Bieber. 

6. Well, this sounds familiar...

Is that you, Jenna Rink?

7. You can't be too prepared

Time's ticking, folks

8. Prioritize your health

Remember that back pain we were talking about before?

9. Welcome to the Losers Club

You should have a plan for taking on Pennywise at this point. 

10. We're feeling empowered

We told you there were a few feel-good ones hanging out in our feeds.

11. 'Live and let live'

12. If you're having an existential crisis...

...welcome to your 30s! 

Which tweet is your favorite? Are you organizing your totes as we speak? Ugh, no we're not either! Definitely not...

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