Little Miss Memes have taken over feeds for some much-needed laughs

Little Miss Memes are your favorite childhood books...with a twist

little miss memes
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Little Miss Memes are your favorite childhood storybooks...with a viral twist. 

The trending hashtags on TikTok and Instagram are dedicated to reviving Roger Hargreaves' delightful covers—you know the ones! There's a tiny, colorful object— though no one is quite sure what it is—with a title in black, bold font: "Little Miss Sunshine," "Little Miss Birthday," so on and so forth. 

Like the American Girl Doll memes that blessed our feeds several weeks ago, Little Miss Memes are dedicated to our adult woes: dating problems, health issues, general frustrations and all of that good stuff. 

No, this is not the story you remember from pre-k.

Little Miss Memes

For a good laugh and to feel some sense of camaraderie online, Little Miss Memes are here to give you a chuckle with their all-too-relatable scenarios. Have a gander at a few of our favorites via @juulpuppy, @littlemissnotesapp and FYPs.

1. Little Miss Tote Bags

Let's be real: you can never have too many. 

2. Little Miss I'm Over It

Narrator: She was, in fact, not over it. 

3. Little Miss Banned from Tinder

Not a problem: we have expert-backed online dating tips for the next platform you're soon to be banned from. 

4. Little Miss Retail Therapy

That capsule wardrobe isn't going to appear itself, right?


♬ Exploration . Coraline - Shawn☃︎

5. Little Miss Gets Dunkin at 4pm

Was there a better time to grab Dunkin?


♬ original sound - Katrina Wright

6. Mr. Vape Cloud

Don't worry, there's love for the fellas, too!

7. Mr. Delusional

8. Mr. Receding Hairline 

9. Little Miss Scorpio

Who doesn't appreciate a good astrology meme? (Speaking of which, have you read your weekly horoscope, yet?)

The hype began with @juulpuppy's hits this spring, followed by  a few reposts from @littlemissnotesapp before the masterminds behind the pages began working in tandem. @starbucksslayqueen is a third account that's gotten in on the trend with some of our favorites, including the Little Miss Scorpio gem above. 

Let's keep the love coming—Little Miss Impatient could use a few more minutes of scrolling, if you please. 

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