These online shopping purchases promise to make you feel happier

Online shopping = yay!

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It turns out certain online shopping purchases can actually make you feel happier, lift your mood and even improve mental health. Whether it’s getting your hands on a fresh fashion piece for your capsule wardrobe or the newest best eyeshadow palettes, bring on payday is all we can say.

In a new survey, analyzed thousands of online purchases to discover that online shopping can increase our mood by up to a whopping 53-percent. 

Psychologist Lee Chambers said: "Online shopping has the ability to make us happy through several different mechanisms. Firstly, even in a world of plenty, we are still evolutionarily designed to consider scarcity. Because of this, acquiring new items, especially when discounted or limited, tends to make us happy, the feeling we have satisfied a need and potentially averted a future threat."

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Chambers also said it’s all about control: "We select from millions of items precisely what we want, and especially in the uncertain times we live in, we know we will get exactly what we have purchased, and it will be delivered straight to us," as well as the feeling of anticipation because we don’t get out purchases straight away. has compiled all their data and released a list of the top 10 mood-boosting purchases, and some may surprise you.

Plants come in at a firm number one, unsurprisingly. Plants have been proven to boost our moods, reduce stress and anxiety, and even purify the air. Treating yourself to a houseplant big or small will make a huge difference not just to the aesthetics of your home but to your mind too.

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Gaming consoles come in at number two, and with the pandemic, it’s not hard to see why. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer who lives for new releases or you just like the distraction of games like Animal Crossing, recorded a whopping 66-percent positive increase in the emotions of those purchasing game consoles.  

Sneakers are also way up on the list—there truly is nothing like a brand new pair of shoes, so we totally get it.

Fiction books are also high on the list, proving stories can provide a great form of escapism from the stresses of life. A good book can occupy your mind for days.

With a year of gyms being shut and needing to spend more time at home, there’s been an increase in buying home workout equipment. You can find the best home workouts online and it can really spice up your routine when you add some free weights or one of the best resistance bands for women

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Number seven on the online shopping list is the one we can relate to most—eyeshadow palettes. Eyeshadow palettes are accredited for making us very happy, as they can transform a makeup routine and help us reinvent ourselves. You can buy palettes of every color imaginable, not to mention incredible brand collaborations—most recently, the ColourPop x Lizzie McGuire makeup collection, which is a noughties dream. 

A massive no-brainer on the list are scented candles—they make us happy with their soothing smells and warm, hygge vibes.

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Workout clothes increase our happiness, too. A good, matching pair of workout clothes can make you feel more confident and empowered, and are basically elevated pajamas that you can work out in and relax in.

The survey also found that jewelry can increase happiness massively, because it's a special item that will make you really feel like you're treating yourself. That's all the convincing we need!

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