Can charisma really help you achieve sexual satisfaction? A new study dives in

Sure, we've heard of ways to spice things up between the sheets, but do personality traits equate to sexual pleasure?

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Frisky moves, intimate settings...and charisma? There are plenty of ways to spice things up between the sheets, but do certain personality traits equate to sexual satisfaction? Can charisma really be the secret to having better sex?

A new study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior set out to uncover how our temperament affects us when we're feeling playful. With the help of 413 participants —290 females, 113 males and six others, at an average age of 36—the experts questioned if charismatic people experience higher sexual desire and satisfaction.

Does charisma help you feel fulfilled sexually?

Drumroll, please: As it turns out, charisma does help you feel sexually satisfied. 

After a series of questionnaires, the findings indicated that people who scored higher in charisma experienced higher sexual desire and pleasure. Plus, the surveys revealed that charisma affects partners as well; those who rated their partner as having higher levels of charisma, in turn, had higher sexual satisfaction and communal strength. 

But the study doesn't stop there. To explore the matter further, 121 couples with a median age of 32, who have been in a relationship for at least two years, were tasked with keeping a three-week diary and answering similar questions to the previous participants. 

For a second time, the experts found that those with higher charisma reported higher sexual satisfaction. However, this part of the study differed from the first round of questions, as it uncovered that having a charismatic partner was not heavily associated with sexual satisfaction or desire. 

While it is certainly an interesting finding, whether or not you have that after-sex glow isn't necessarily dependent on charisma for everyone. Find what works for you and your partner and enjoy that! 

If you're still unsure what it is that will set off your pleasure points, perhaps exploring some hands-free vibrators will point you in the right direction? We don't mean to burst any bubbles, but women are having their most intense orgasms through masturbation, and that doesn't have a single thing to do with personality traits. To each her own!

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