ICYMI, Dua Lipa has the secret to improving your sex life, and it's super simple

The Dua Lipa 'At Your Service' podcast has some important tips to help couples be good in bed. (Get it?)

English singer-songwriter Dua Lipa blows a kiss on the pink carpet upon arrival for the European premiere of "Barbie" in central London on July 12, 2023.
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We wouldn't be surprised if the Dua Lipa podcast, At Your Service, has amassed just as many listeners as her summer 2023 bop, "Dance the Night." 

The singer and Barbie star has taken to a new platform to shell out her thoughts on reinvention, spirituality, finding yourself, and yes, even resetting your sex life. Now in its third season, At Your Service's latest episode from Friday, September 1, shares some very important tips for what takes place between the sheets, and everyone's tuning in.

All about that Dua Lipa 'At Your Service' sex revelation

While in conversation with The Idol star Troye Sivan, the "Break My Heart" singer discussed the key to making steamy moments even more satisfying: talking about sex. (Yes, it's that simple.) That's what makes things good in bed. (Get it?)

"I think it's important to normalize the conversation around sex and make it a topic that we can speak about more freely, so we can let go of the guilt and the shame that ­surrounds it," she said. 

Likewise, a We-Vibe study with psychotherapist Rachel Wright—which got us thinking about the importance of communication in the first place—revealed that a staggering 85% of couples felt that their relationship was in a better place with open and honest dialogue. Additionally, 70% of couples interviewed in the study found that the issues they had were never even discussed! Talking is the starting point, folks.

Lipa added, "Not talking about sex with the person you are having sex with is a weird anomaly for me."

(Currently, Dua Lipa is dating filmmaker Romain Gavras and things are reportedly "getting serious" as they're vacationing together and meeting one another's families.)

Not only is talking about sex a way to keep things in check for both parties, but it can also be a way to explore and enjoy romance in a way you've never considered before.

"It's always so fun—and it goes back to that idea of keeping things fresh—to find ways to continue to be curious about your partner," she added.

After starting with the basics (a chit-chat), have a look at our expert-backed sex tips to spice things up, from utilizing all of your senses to testing out the best sex toys for couples. 

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