This is the highest-rated Friends episode ever

And, the one that's the highest-rated Friends episode is...

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When it comes to TV shows, some might argue that they just don't make 'em like they used to. And with Friends, that certainly is the case. But what was the highest-rated Friends episode ever? 

The wait is finally over, the Friends reunion has officially finished filming and all our favorite Friends characters will be returning to our screens on May 27th.

With a list of special guests and a trip down memory lane that’s sure to pull at our heartstrings—why not take a look back at all the fan-favorite episodes? OnBuy has revealed the highest-rated episodes, counting down from five to one...

5. The one where Ross gets high 

We have three episodes tied for the number five spot. 

The first (from season six, episode nine) scored 9.2 out of 10 and is a classic Thanksgiving episode proving the holidays are always among the best in each season. Basically, it's the one where Monica is yet to tell her parents that she and Chandler are living together, or even in a relationship in fact...because they hate him. And it turns out Ross once got high in his bedroom at college but when his parents walked in he blamed it on Chandler. 

It’s also the episode where Rachel makes the infamous beef trifle—does the beef sauteed with peas and onions go before the ladyfingers or after? At least Joey liked it.

The one with all the Thanksgivings 

Proving the point that the Thanksgiving episodes are among the best, tied at number five also with 9.2 is the one with all the Thanksgivings from season five.

In this ep we are treated to all the flashbacks of Rachel, Monica, Ross, and Chandler in their youth and we even get one from one of Phoebe's past lives. The hilarious episode goes through everyone's worst thanksgiving, the one where Monica reveals Chandler once called her fat, and she accidentally cut off his toe in her revenge plan gone wrong—side note: wicker shoes offer little to no protection. It also includes the iconic scenes of Monica and Joey with the turkey on their heads—a scene which has inspired many of the best Friends ornaments for Christmas!

The one with Ross’s wedding Part 2

One of the most highly anticipated part two’s probably ever, where Ross marries Emily but says Rachel's name and Chandler and Monica hook up! 

4. The one with the rumour 

Coming in at number four, we have another three-way tie but we can give most of the credit for the 9.3 rating to the guest star of this episode. Brad Pitt. Oh yes, who could forget with Pitt (who was dating Jennifer Aniston at the time) made an appearance as one of Ross's old school friends. In this episode, it turns out Will (Brad Pitt) and Ross made an ‘I hate Rachel club’ at high school and started a rumor about her. 

The one with the videotape 

The one with the story of how Emma was conceived and how Ross accidentally filmed it. In this episode, we learn who came onto ‘whom’.

The one with the proposal

The episode before this one set up one hell of a cliffhanger, so The One With The Proposal was a highly anticipated episode. As the title implies Monica and Chandler get engaged after a huge misunderstanding and an appearance from Richard (Tom Sellek).

3. The one with the prom video

With a 9.4 score, this is the episode where Ross and Rachel finally get together for REAL! The group watches a video from their prom where Rachel’s date Chip doesn’t turn up leaving her disappointed. However, Ross steps in to the rescue but just as he goes to surprise her, Chip shows up right at the last minute. Upon realizing what he was going to do for her Rachel, seeing this play out on tape, kisses Ross because he’s her lobster, awwww! 

2. The one with the embryos 

With a 9.5 score, this episode shows Phoebe becoming a surrogate for her brother Frank and his wife Alice. While Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey play a trivia game to either get rid of the chick or win the girls' apartment. The winning question would be to name what Chandler does as a job. Hint: he's not a 'transponster'! 

1. The one where everyone finds out 

Drum roll please. Drum roll please! The episodes taking the top spot are also a tie—who would've thought? 

The first is the episode where everyone finally finds out about Monica and Chandler—it's a no-brainer. We also see Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey mess with Monica and Chandler, in an epic game of who will crack first. Ross also finds out at the end thanks to the view from his new apartment... 

The last one part 2

And, no surprises at all, joint first is The Last One Part 2 is the episode where Rachel finally gets off the plane and Chandler and Monica bring their twins home. The finale of all finales—and, a true cinematic masterpiece, some might say— with a 9.7 score it clearly holds a special place in all of our hearts. 

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