11 fun 'Friends' ornaments to add to your Christmas tree this year

With nods to some of the most notable scenes in the iconic show, these 'Friends' ornaments will make for the perfect addition to your tree

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This year, nostalgic Friends ornaments are the perfect way to add a little festive fun to your holiday decor. Because if you're anything like Monica, decorating your tree for Christmas is a serious business! So if you're looking for the perfect pop-culture gift, or a way to update your tree, why not turn to the iconic New York City sitcom?

Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe often go hand-in-hand with the festive season—there are tons of Friends holiday and Christmas episodes (and yes, we've already started re-watching all of them). And what could be more fun than a Friends ornament? Not only are they colorful and amusing to look at; but every time you pass on, you'll be reminded of some of your favorite moments from the eternally funny series.

And, if you're not the biggest Friends fan (firstly, why not?), a funky Friends ornament would make for one of the best Christmas gifts for a friend or co-worker—especially if you're already stressing over Secret Santa. Have a look at some of the adorable decorations below and give your tree a look that even Monica would approve of.

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The best Friends ornaments to put on your tree


1. Phoebe's Christmas Song Ornament

RRP: $18/£19.86

Phoebe's festive Christmas song will live rent-free in our heads forever (she's our favorite 'Friends' character for a reason)—so why not get it immortalized in the form of a rather pretty looking tree ornament? 

This option has the entire song lyrics on it (yes, even the bizarre ending), interspersed with rows of Christmas lights. On the white background, it couldn't look more festive—and we bet it'll have you humming the tune every time you walk past it.


2. You Are My Lobster Custom Ornament

RRP: $13.45/£14.84

If you're looking for a more sentimental decoration idea, this sweet wooden ornament is perfect for Friends-loving couples who want to solidify their love this festive season.

Choose your names and the year you want written onto your custom decoration—or if you're giving this to a loved one, theirs and their beau's name. They'll be lobsters together forever—in the immortal words of Phoebe Buffay. One of the best Christmas gift ideas for a girlfriend, or Christmas gift ideas for a boyfriend.


3. Friends TV Show Ornament ($14.99

RRP: $12.99/£22.92

Put your favorite characters' best attributes on full display with this glass Christmas bauble, which tells you to 'Dress like Rachel, eat like Joey, cook like Monica, sing like Phoebe, joke like Chandler, and love like Ross'; aww!

Whether you can actually do those things or not, this festive ornament is a reminder of your favorite show, and it'll look super Christmassy hanging on your tree, too.


4. Hallmark Friends Central Perk Cafe Couch

RRP: $12.95/£27

Is there a Friends scene more recognizable than the entire gang sat drinking coffee on the Central Perk couch? If the large brown/orange sofa and Central Perk window signifies the TV show for you, snap up this Friends ornament.

Made of resin, its largely unbreakable, and it measures in at 3 x 2.63 x 1.72 inches—meaning it'll be big enough to spot on your tree, but not so big that it'll draw attention away from your other ornaments. A great cozy gift for those who also love cuddling up on the couch!


5. Friends TV Show 2022 Christmas Ornament

RRP: $12.99

This fun cartoon ornament is a great choice for those who want a classic Friends keepsake, with an image that's almost as iconic as the show itself. See Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey and Phoebe as their cartoon selves in this ornament, sipping from some shared milkshakes – a promotional image that (in real life) became totally synonymous with the show. With some Christmas lights set above the gang, it's super festive, too!


6. Kohls Friends The One With All The Thanksgivings 2021 Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament with Sound 

RRP: $19.99 (US only)

A look almost as iconic as Rachel's hair is Monica's Thanksgiving turkey—so we simply had to include this brilliant ornament of the fateful moment she dances around in front of Chandler with it on her head.

It's even more fun that it looks too—press the button to hear an audio clip from the fan-favorite holiday episode! It's one highest-rated 'Friends' episode's of all time for a reason...

One of the best Friends ornaments on our list! And if you want to watch the hilarious scene again, here's how to watch Friends online now that the show has left Netflix in the US.


7. Hallmark Friends Mini Set Christmas Tree Ornament

RRP: $13 (US only)

If you like something a bit alternative, then this set of six FunkoPop-esque holiday ornaments with your favorite 'Friends' are a great idea—can you tell who's who? The guitar on one, chef's hat on the other, and turkey head on the third may give the game away slightly... One of our favorite Friends ornaments!


8. Paladone Friends Ornaments

RRP: $12.99 (US only)

There are popular Friends places and sayings abound on this set of classic Christmas tree ornaments, including the hilarious Ross 'Pivot!' moment, and of course, the classic Central Perk motif, where the gang gathered for so many years.

Add these to your tree for a fun touch to your decor this festive season!


9. Friends Christmas Ornament Set

RRP: £14.29+ (UK only)

For those who can't think about Friends without thinking about Joey's huge ceramic dog (Pat the dog), and the signature yellow frame over the peephole in Monica's apartment, these Friends ornaments are for you! 

On Etsy, you can buy either one of these ornaments separately, or you can buy them as a bundle for a little bit more. Because how could you possibly choose between them?!


10. Friends Turkey Christmas Decoration

RRP: £10 (UK only)

So nice we had to include it twice—the Christmas turkey is also its own standalone ornament at Urban Outfitters, complete with yellow aviators, hat and all!

Made with ceramic construction, it'll hang effortlessly on your tree, and probably spark plenty of questions from non-Friends fans too...


11. Hallmark Friends Central Perk Coffee Cup Christmas Ornament

RRP: £7 (UK only)

Serve yourself up a faux cup of coffee in this adorable Central Perk coffee cup ornament, which has a super like-like foamy surface, and a rather festive red handle and white mug. Made of hardwearing resin, it should last in your ornament box for years to come—so you can show your dedication to your favorite TV show even decades into the future!

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