'Friends' ornaments to gift the show's biggest fans

With nods to Central Perk and Monica's purple door, these 'Friends' ornaments are the perfect addition to your tree

Friends still 1994, Friends ornaments on a tree
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These sentimental Friends ornaments will get the Holiday Armadillo's seal of approval. If you're looking for the perfect pop-culture gift or a way to embellish your own Christmas tree, why not turn to the iconic New York City sitcom?

They say if you get into the Christmas spirit early (confirmed by both science and Mariah Carey) you'll feel an extra jolt of holly jolliness. Obviously, Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe go hand-in-hand with that festive sentiment (and of course we already started re-watching all the Friends Christmas episodes).

Have a look at some of the adorable decorations below and give your Douglas Fir a funny spin! (Hop to it—no time for breaks.) 

The best Friends ornaments to put on your tree

( $12.99

Macy's, Friends Central Perk Cafe Couch Christmas Ornament from Hallmark ($12.99

The orange couch known round the world, the Central Perk sofa is unrecognizable and deserves a spot on your tree. 

The One With All The Thanksgivings 2021 Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament with Sound ( $19.99

Kohls, Friends The One With All The Thanksgivings 2021 Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament with Sound ($19.99)

A look almost as iconic as Rachel's hair is Monica's Thanksgiving turkey. Press the button to hear an audio clip from the fan-favorite holiday episode.

Mini Set Christmas Tree Ornament ( $13

Target, Hallmark Friends Mini Set Christmas Tree Ornament ($13

A set of six FunkoPop-esque holiday ornaments with your favorite "friends."

Central Perk™ Cafe Coffee Cup Hallmark Ornament ( $8.99

Hallmark, Friends Central Perk™ Cafe Coffee Cup Hallmark Ornament ($8.99)

Anything better than a cup of coffee and a meet-up with your pals at Central Perk? We can almost hear "Smelly Cat" just by looking at this coffee mug decoration. 

Ornaments, Christmas Decorations ( $14.99

Amazon, Paladone Friends Ornaments, Christmas Decorations ($14.99

Popular places and sayings abound on this set of classic Christmas tree ornaments—with a Friends twist, of course.

TV Show Ornament ( $14.99

Amazon, Friends TV Show Ornament ($14.99

Put your favorite characters' best attributes on full display with this Christmas ball. 

Monica Peephole Frame ( $9.97

Amazon, Friends Monica Peephole Frame ($9.97

A staple in Monica's apartment is her door peephole, and it just screams "New York City."

Tv The One Where It's Christmas Circle Ornament ( $19.99

Amazon, Friends Tv The One Where It's Christmas Circle Ornament ($19.99

A classic choice, this ornament pays homage to the show's opening montage—umbrellas and all. 

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Danielle Valente

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