Instagram lets you take control of your feed with new Following and Favorites features

Get the scoop on the app's latest rollout, which allows you to experience things in chronological order (finally!)

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Changes are afoot at Instagram: chronological feeds are a new way for app users to prioritize their interests and favorite pages. Just think of it as spring cleaning for social pages, no Clorox required. 

Whether users are in search of the most popular makeup brands on Instagram or simply want to check out photos from a friend's get-together, the Following and Favorites features will allow them to access the content they love while weeding away less favorable posts. 

Here's a little bit about what to expect from this new rollout, which began on Wednesday, March 23. 

Instagram chronological feed: all about the new features

Instagram is looking for ways to cater experiences towards users' passions, so it's putting them in the driver's seat.

Venture over to the top lefthand corner of the homepage to access Favorites, a list of up to 50 accounts hand-selected by users—from creators and colleagues to friends and family. This list is accessible at any time and does not alert other users of their inclusion. 

Likewise, Following will give the *chronological* scoop on all of the accounts people decided to follow. We certainly appreciate a little organization. 

Instagram Favorites and Following

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In the past, we've asked "Is Instagram bad for mental health?" and now new methods like Favorites and Following allow users to curate what they see, which in turn can affect their emotions tremendously. 

But it's going to be a little work on everyone's end. It'll require those with accounts to be mindful of what type of content works for them and what doesn't—it'll force people to be honest with themselves and what brings them happiness upon opening up their feeds. 

"When you use Instagram, try to take the time to notice how you're feeling," says Jacqueline Nesi, an assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown University. 

If a style influencer touting the latest beauty drop makes you feel less than, remove 'em. If dog content is what you're craving (excellent choice), keep the canines comin'!

"Pay attention to these feelings and adjust the way you use the platform accordingly," Nesi adds.

Though social media can feel overwhelming at times, it can also be something completely in tune with people's interests—it's all about making it work. Let Favorites and Following provide some assistance.

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