Jason Oppenheim made a gross confession on 'Selling the OC' and we’re not okay

The real estate mogul entered serious TMI territory

Jason Oppenheim at the premiere of Disney+'s "She Hulk: Attorney at Law" held at the El Capitan Theatre on August 15, 2022 in Los Angeles, California
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Jason Oppenheim, real estate mogul and star of Selling Sunset, is back with more gorgeous homes and even more real estate drama. Brett’s twin is in charge of helping the Orange County real estate agents get business off the ground in Selling the OC and while doing so, we spotted him confessing to something that maybe he should have kept private…

While the new office is as much his as Brett’s, we see Jason in Selling the OC a lot more. He leads the office meetings, fights off cockroaches (yep, it's a thing), deals with the inevitable drama and joins his agents—from Alex Hall to Tyler Stanaland—in meeting clients at their gorgeous homes. One such home is the listing of Alex Rose and Alex Jarvis, two agents who aren't exactly playing nice with the rest of the group.

Alex Jarvis and Alex Rose in Selling the OC

Alex Jarvis and Alex Rose in 'Selling the OC'

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But back to Jason’s confession. While looking at the incredible multimillion dollar home in Laguna Beach and admiring the pool that’s 40 feet in the air (yes, it is a work of art—we agree), the owner of the property brags about having built a restroom close to the pool to make it convenient for guests (at $14 million dollars, it better be convenient). 

Alex Jarvis and Alex Rose's listing in Corona Del Mar

The house where it all happened—Alex Jarvis and Alex Rose's listing in Corona Del Mar

(Image credit: Netflix)

“There's even an outdoor restroom right there. So that when people are in the pool, there's a nice convenient place to go", Vince, the owner, says.

Well, let us just say that Jason didn’t find the restroom as impressive as others might because he simply doesn’t need one—he pees in the pool. 

“I just go in the pool, so I wouldn't even need that", Jason admits. When things start to get awkward, he continues: "I do though. I legitimately admitted no guy gets out of the pool to pee. I just effect I guess the only guy that admits it, but every guy does.”

The Alexes were not impressed and neither are we! Note to self: do not invite Jason to any pool parties...

Jason and Bret Oppenheim in Selling the OC

Jason and Bret Oppenheim in 'Selling the OC'

(Image credit: Netflix)

Jason’s new show dropped on Netflix this week (August 24 to be precise), not long after he went official with his new boo, Marie-Lou Nurk. We don't get to see any glimpses of the new romance as it's so fresh but fingers crossed for Selling the OC season 2 (or maybe we get to see it in Selling Sunset season 6?). Either way, please send more real estate drama our way...

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