Julie Andrews' shocking 'Bridgerton' reveal will make you gasp

Julie Andrews' 'Bridgerton' role is more elusive than we thought

Julie Andrews on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
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Who better to spill the tea than Lady Whistledown? The Julie Andrews Bridgerton role is not only elusive to viewers, but even the cast and crew. 

While dishing on Minions: The Rise of Gru, The Sound of Music, and of course, Bridgerton season 3, the iconic actor and narrator of the beloved Netflix period drama made a shocking reveal that surprised all of the ton. 

Julie Andrews' 'Bridgerton' role: Lady Whistledown's big reveal

Though an integral part of the story—Lady Whistledown is all-knowing, of course—you'd think this would require Andrews to be on set, but oddly enough, she's never even visited the Bridgerton filming locations during production. 

"You know, I’ve never met the company in person. Of course, I see them on the show sometimes—but I do all my own recording far, far away from them," she noted while on the Today Show. 

Though she's not necessarily in the midst of the glitz and glam, she's given Shondaland and the Bridgerton siblings her stamp of approval.

"I think it’s gorgeous looking, and they’re all wonderful in it And they’re lovely people to work with—Shonda Rhimes and the whole gang down are terrific. So there you are, it’s a joy. And I’m thrilled that they asked me," she added.

To get back into character, Andrews stated that she'll practice her now-famous line: "My name is Lady Whistledown."

Naturally, fans are anxiously awaiting hearing this for the third time as she introduces Penelope and Colin's highly-anticipated romance. Penelope (Nicola Cruz) spilled the beans on Instagram. 

"Like Lady Whistledown I’ve been keeping quite a big secret for quite a long time… but I can finally tell you that @bridgertonnetflix Season Three is Colin and Penelope’s Story."

It goes without saying, but we're more than ready to see how this union unfolds. Until then, we'll be re-reading the Bridgerton books while on the beach. 

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