Kim Kardashian finally addresses her controversial work ethic statement for 'Variety'

Will the Kim Kardashian 'Variety' interview controversy finally come to an end after her acknowledgement?

: Kim Kardashian attends the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 27, 2022 in Beverly Hills, California.
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Fans listened to Britney and Rihanna when they told us to "work!", but the Kim Kardashian Variety interview controversy over work ethic did not go over terribly well, to say the least. 

Ahead of The Kardashians on Hulu, the reality star turned entrepreneur took the time to chat with the outlet about making it in the business world, and she had a strong message for those listening. 

"I have the best advice for women in business," she revealed. "Get your f****** a** up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days." 

And with that, an internet firestorm erupted. Kourtney and Travis' engagement and Kanye's accusations against Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson subsequently took a back seat. 

Though Kardashian seemingly redeemed herself with the launch of SKIMS swimsuits, the infamous moment naturally made its way into meme status and even caught the attention of Hollywood elite. 

You probably got sidetracked with Will Smith at the Oscars—along with the rest of the world—and didn't even notice that the hosts of the 94th Annual Academy Awards took a jab at the SKIMS founder. 

Co-hosts Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes jokingly pointed out those in the crowd who didn't walk home a winner, including Dame Judi Dench. 

"We got an inspirational quote for you," Hall said. "This is a quote from Kim Kardashian: 'Work harder,' that's what we need you to do."

Unsurprisingly, Dench began to crack up.

Kim Kardashian 'Variety' interview controversy: the star speaks out

On Monday, March 28, the reality star and SKIMS founder sat down with Good Morning America to apologize and explain her intentions. 

"My statement was never intended to be a general blanket statement or to even allude to the idea that women don’t already work hard—and I’m sorry that it was received in that way," Kardashian said. 

Since the moment earned a spot in internet infamy, Kardashian offered up an explanation.

"My message was to anyone who wants to be successful in building a business or brand, having come from that very specific space—reality show or social media fame—is to work hard. It’s not easy."

Will the internet let bygones be bygones, or will Kim's stance on work ethic go down in history?

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