Relatable memes for those who are obsessed with astrology

Mercury retrograde memes incoming!

relatable memes for astrology fans
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Retrogrades, emotional water signs, finicky birth chart readings: our relatable memes for the astrology-obsessed touch on all of our favorite things.

Whether you're patiently waiting for some of the most exciting 2022 astrology events (Stellium in Pisces! Eclipses!) or reveling in the fact that no planet is moving backward and messing up lives (what retrograde are we in now, you ask? None!), we will keep you busy with a plethora of LOL-worthy moments for all those who have a crush on the cosmos.

Though there are many different takes on astrology and plenty of different things to learn, we can all agree that the stars have definitely inspired a laugh or two. Before Mercury goes back into retrograde and your computer malfunctions (kidding!) have a look at some of the adorable astro memes below. 

Relatable memes for the astrology-obsessed:

Ready, set, laugh!

1. When birth charts wreak havoc

Your astrological birth chart could be quite telling, and chances are it might feel inclined to play games. 

2. Poor Pisces! 

Pisces is the water sign known for its overflow of emotions (no pun intended). Sometimes, they can be the brunt of the joke as a result. Hey, a little fantasy never hurt anyone...right?

3. 'Euphoria' astrology

Oh yeah, a definite fire sign. What do you think, Euphoria fans?

(Psst: What Euphoria character are you based on your star sign? We've spoken with cosmo experts to determine if you're a Jules, Rue, Fez and so on.) 

4. A Taurus does not forget

Well, earth signs can be very rigid and have high standards, your behavior. 

5. Geminis beg to disagree...sort of

Air signs are considered the wittiest and most intellectual members of the zodiac, but this isn't always a good thing. 

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6. Mercury madness

As you know, the slowest moving planet in the solar system is the one that causes the most distress. 

Mercury retrograde 2022 will give us four doses instead of the usual three, which means we're particularly anxious about communication issues, traffic failures and, of course, missing objects. 

Though hard to resist a chuckle-inducing Mercury retrograde meme, do note that the planet's backward spin isn't necessarily a horrific thing, despite what pop culture says. 

"While Mercury retrograde can seem scary, there is a lot to gain and benefit from during this time," says astrologer Renée Watt, who offers a handy Mercury retrograde survival kit. "Give yourself permission to take things easy."

7. Nailing the terminology

Astrologer Nina Kahn, who just provided excellent insight on the spring equinox 2022, shares a laugh a minute on her Instagram account. We particularly love the astro-enthusiasts who haven't quite mastered the zodiac. 

8. The overly enthusiastic astrologers

Those who do, teach...and teach well. Is your notebook ready?

9. Too late?

If there's something we love more than hilarious astro memes, it's ignoring a red flag. 

10. Each zodiac sign's needs

There are different likes and preferences depending on birth charts, as you can see. 

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