The new Lululemon Instill Tights are what yoga dreams are made of

Meet the Lululemon Instill Tights, a.k.a. your new go-to leggings

Lululemon Instill tights in gold woman on yoga mat stretching
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It's official: the new Lululemon Instill Tights are a must-buy, even for those of us who haven't quite yet perfected that downward dog. This sleek, airy and chic offering is bound to become part of your go-to ensemble, whether you're headed to the gym or the grocery store.  

Since Lululemon has landed atop of the list of best workout clothes, you can rest assured that these babies not only look and feel great but are also fully functional. The high-rise waistband offers additional support in the back and includes a drop-in back pocket to place little trinkets that you would rather not carry. Did we mention that they're also breathable and made to combat sweat? Take that, perspiration! 

And, just in time for fall, the warm hues will perfectly complement our favorite sweatshirts. We just might feel inclined to take two gold pairs. 

Check out the new Lululemon Instill Tights

Lululemon, Instill High-Rise Tight 25" ($118)

Lululemon, Instill High-Rise Tight 25" ($118)

"Designed with smoothing coverage that creates that never-let-you-go feeling," the Instill High-Rise tights matte shades come in Auric Gold, Violet Verbena, True Navy, Black and Copper Brown and is available in sizes 0–14. The supple, soft, sweat-wicking, breathable material with added Lycra® fiber will become your new favorite pair of leggings. 

For those of us who are practicing poses in front of our Lululemon Mirror, be sure to check out our favorite home workout tips to make your exercise session all the more beneficial. And, for those of us who just want a nice pair of leggings to use while running errands (no judgment), enjoy! 

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