This Lululemon Studio MIRROR deal gets you $200 off for a *very* limited time only

The Lululemon Studio MIRROR is beloved, but pricey, so any extra perk is appreciated!

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The latest Lululemon Studio MIRROR deal just might convince you to stay inside. 

Sure, the warm weather's here and everyone's out in the park doing their Hot Girl Walk, but the Shy Girl Workout enthusiasts prefer to keep a low profile, and the famed Lululemon MIRROR helps with just that.

According to our Lululemon MIRROR review, the four-star product is like a "boutique fitness studio in your own home." The sleek gadget provides everything you could want with its long list of virtual workout classes and routines, but there is a downside: the cost. Fortunately, the fitness brand currently has a fun perk underway that will make this steep purchase worth the plunge.  

What is the latest Lululemon Studio MIRROR deal?

The latest promotion entitles shoppers who buy the Lululemon MIRROR to receive a gift card worth $200 with their purchase—but they'll have to sign up for e-mails and text messages to redeem the offer. 

Upon logging onto the Lululemon website, you'll receive a "special offer" pop-up that walks you through the steps, and an e-mail to follow up with the ways to cash in on your perk. This will allow you to stock up on some of the best workout clothes out there. (Who could say no to an extra pair of Lulu leggings? Definitely not us!) 

You'll have to act quickly, though! The promotion will last until Sunday, May 14. However, shoppers who receive the gift card will have a little extra wiggle room, as they have until Sunday, July 30 to use it.

Lululemon Studio MIRROR

Lululemon Studio MIRROR
$995 | Lululemon

The 56.0" by 22" smart mirror comes complete with a high-fidelity speaker system, five-megapixel front-facing camera, fitness trackers and, of course, hundreds of classes and interactive offerings to kickstart your fitness journey. 

What to know about the Lululemon Studio MIRROR:

When using the Lululemon Studio MIRROR, you need a subscription to access the content (otherwise the smart mirror isn't so, you know, smart). Your $39/month subscription comes with a one-year minimum commitment that begins automatically when your MIRROR is delivered. You will have 30 days for a risk-free home trial. 

When it comes to paying for the MIRROR itself, you can start at $28/month with Affirm, should you pre-qualify. If all these numbers seem a little daunting, know that delivery is free!

If you're trying to figure out how to motivate yourself to work out at home, perhaps the Lululemon Studio MIRROR is a step in the right direction.

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