Missed a period? This viral TikTok video may explain why

Noticed a change in your cycle or missed a period recently? This might be the cause

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TikTok is our favorite place for all the best hacks and trends and now we’re finding it to be an amazing source for sex tricks—such as the pillow sex tip—and for health information. This latest viral TikTok gives us the low-down on what could be causing missed periods and how our lifestyle affects our cycle.

We can all agree that periods can be a bit of a pain. Just when you think your cycle has become pretty regular and predictable—BAM! It changes, seemingly out of nowhere. It can be late, too early, light, heavy or unbearably painful. Even if you use period tracker apps, your cycle can become very unpredictable.

Periods, sadly, are just very easy to disrupt. We know that even the weather can affect our periods, as can the COVID-19 vaccine. But according to this viral TikTok, your diet and even stress can also be affecting your period.


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The video by Medicine Explained has over 240,000 views and says: “Exercising too much, eating too little or being stressed can cause less GnRH (Gonadotropin-releasing hormone) to pulse, which affects our periods. Like them being irregular or not having any.” 

So if you’re experiencing changes in your period—and you know for a fact it’s not pregnancy—it could be down to your eating and exercising habits. 

Seriously restricting your calorie intake can impact your period, as can being overweight, as this can lead to overproduction of estrogen, which is a hormone that regulates your reproductive system. The NHS says that changes could also be down to the contraceptive pill. 

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Stress can also be a big factor. It can really mess with our body, even when we don't actually feel that stressed or overwhelmed. The NHS suggests regular relaxing exercises like swimming or yoga, making sure you’re winding down and prioritizing relaxation. (The best meditation apps should help, so download away!)

So, if you're experiencing a weird, irregular period or have noticed changes in your cycle, it could be simply the fault of your daily diet and workout schedule. It’s recommended you seek medical help if you miss three or more periods in a row—but if you’re at all concerned about your period, asking a doctor's advice is always the best thing to do. 

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